Zomato National Language Issue : Refund Was Not Given

Zomato National Language case : I don’t know Hindi, so refund was not given, ruckus on Zomato’s reply regarding the national language

Zomato Hindi Controversy:

A Chennai-based customer has alleged that an employee of the company argued with him over the Hindi language. The customer shared the screenshot of the chat of this debate on Twitter. After which Zomato itself has publicly apologized.

* Then Zomato in the headlines

* A customer made allegations

* Controversy over Hindi language

Food delivery company Zomato is once again in the headlines. This time the matter is the advice given regarding the Hindi language.

At the same time, the employee concerned was removed from the job, but later he was reinstated. Let’s know the whole matter..

Actually, a person named Vikas tweeted screenshots of his conversation with a Zomato employee on Twitter. Vikas was facing problem in receiving his order, for which he asked the employee to contact the restaurant.

To which the Zomato employee told Vikas that he tried calling the restaurant five times, but could not get through to him properly due to the “language barrier”.

To this, Vikas said that if Zomato is providing services in Tamil Nadu, then it should hire a Tamil speaking person to understand the language.

He asked the Zomato employee to get the money refunded from the restaurant. In response, the employee said- “Hindi is our national language for your information.

Therefore it is very common that everyone should know a little bit of Hindi.”


Zomato Delivery Boy Charges

Vikas wrote in his tweet- ‘Ordered food from Zomato, but one item was missed in it. When I spoke to the customer care, it said that the money cannot be refunded, because Hindi is not spoken.

This is also a kind of lesson that as an Indian I should know Hindi. I was labeled a ‘liar’. On his inability to refund the money, Vikas said that the language problem is not his problem. The company should return the money.

Zomato India issue

Zomato India Customer Chat

In the screenshot it can be seen how Vikas got into an argument with Zomato’s chat support executive customer regarding his order. The matter went viral on social media after this tweet of the debate was posted.

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zomato apologizes

As soon as this matter surfaced on social media, Zomato himself apologized by tweeting. Zomato wrote in its tweet- “Vanakkam Vikas, We apologize for the behavior of our customer care agent.

We have given an official statement on this incident. We hope you will give us a chance to serve you better next time.”

The company stressed that the employee’s comments do not represent Zomato’s stance on language and diversity. Currently, a Tamil version of the Zomato app is also in the works. The company is investigating the matter.

On the other hand, Zomato’s founder Deependra Goyal said – An unintentional mistake made by someone in the support center of the food delivery company has become a national issue.

The level of tolerance and coolness in our country should be much higher than it is today. Who’s to blame here? At the moment we are reinstating our employee. It’s not something he should have been fired for.

Goyal further added that remember, our call center agents are young people, who are in their learning curve and early in their career. He is not an expert in languages ​​and regional sentiments, and neither am I.

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DMK MP tweeted

On this issue, DMK MP Senthil Kumar shared Vikas’s tweet and demanded Zomato to fix accountability. He said- “Since when Hindi became the national language.

See Video – What Delivery Boy Said?

Why customer should know Hindi in Tamil Nadu and on what grounds you advised your customer that he should have at least knowledge of Hindi. Please solve your customer’s problem and sorry demand.”