World Television Day 2021 : History And Quotes

World Television Day 2021: Know why World Television Day is celebrated and its interesting facts related to its history

The small screen means that the TV (television) has made its place in every home. Although popular today, the next journey was very long and interesting. The tour, which started in black and white, has reached smart TVs in modern times.

World Television Day is celebrated annually on 21 November to discuss the struggle, help and the future of television.

When did World Television Day begin?

World Television Day

World Television Day

In December 1996, the United Nations declared November 21 as World Television Day. Let us tell you that in 1996, the first World Television Forum was launched on November 21 and World Television Day is celebrated to commemorate this.

The purpose of this forum was to provide a platform where the importance of TV can be discussed.

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When was the TV introduced?

Television was invented by American scientist John Logie Baird in 1927, but it took seven years to master it by 1934 and by 1934 the TV was all over.

When did television arrive in India?

After the introduction of TV in 1934, it took 16 years to reach India and first landed in India in 1950, when an engineering student put a television set in front of a display. Doordarshan was founded on 15 September 1959 as a state broadcaster.

History of Vishwa Doordarshan:

The world’s first World Television Forum was organized on December 17, 1996 by the United Nations, on November 21 and 22. On this day the media around the world gathered under the auspices of the United Nations.

The conference included a number of discussions on the impact of television on the world. At the same time, he also discussed the reality of his role in changing the world.

They discussed the importance of cooperation. This is the reason why the United Nations has given permission to celebrate World Television Day from 21 November, since then the event has been celebrated.

Doordarshan History:

Doordarshan’s first television broadcast took place on 15 September 1959 in the form of educational and development programs for half an hour on an exploratory basis.

At that time, Doordarshan was broadcast only half an hour 3 days a week. Television India was renamed later in 1975 and renamed into Hindi nomenclature Doordarshan. The name Doordarshan is so popular that Hindi is like a TV.

Doordarshan Importance:

The advent of television marked the beginning of a revolution in the field of information. The advent of the second revolution took place when people became aware of the importance of television around the world.

And people accept it, which is why the media has put so many jokes in our lives right now that we don’t get enough information about its importance. At the moment we cannot deny its importance. Use it extensively by explaining its importance.

Impact on daily life:

Currently, our reliance on the use of information and communication technology depends on entertainment, education, health care, personal relationships, travel etc.

Television has a huge impact on our lives, so we can do good work in our lives too. it is bad and it depends on us what we learn on television.

Television plays a vital role in our modern times, in which we are able to watch both national and international information at home. Television is a platform through which we can see daily events.

World Television Day Ratings

They Say Ninety Percent of Junk TV. But, Ninety Percent of Everything Is Trash

Television is just a dream come true

Art is a moral love that is married and fun. The pursuit of pleasure without pleasure is ridiculous, and immoral entertainment has its place in television

Television, that deceptive beast, that Medusa freezes billions of people from being stoned every night, stared intently, that Siren called and sang and promised much and offered, after all, very little.

World Television day quotes

* “The space between the TV set and the viewer is sacred.” – Fred Rogers

* Somehow by constantly harassing the public by appearing on television, they can accept and want more. – Chris Elliot

* Television is moving, as far as I know, going downhill, and I am a historian. -Dick Van Dyke

* Head of a modern-day television channel. -Abby Hoffman

* They say that theater is a stage act, television is a program of writers and the film is a director, and it is really true. – Charlie Hunnam

* It is certain that a character can die on television playing the same thing every week. -Giancarlo Esposito

* I don’t even have a TV because I think it’s the devil. – Cameron Diaz

* If everyone had asked for peace instead of another TV, there would have been peace. – John Lennon

* They put me on TV. The whole story was dropped. It was wild, I tell you for sure. – Elvis Presley

* Television makes you very popular. it’s so amazing. – Matthew Broderick

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