Women Health Care : 6 Dangerous Diseases Related To Women

Women Health Care – Women Must Take Care Of Their Health

Women Health Care In 2022

Women are an integral part of the society so everyone should be concerned about women. But it has often been seen that women neglect their health in the midst of home and office responsibilities.

Whereas the health problems of women are much more complex than that of men. Talking about the health problems of women, it is quite different as compared to men.

This is because of the biological and gender differences found in the bodies of women and men. On the basis of this, we can understand the health problems of women in many ways.


Heart Disease in Women

Women Health Care

Heart disease causes one out of every four deaths in women. However, people believe that heart disease occurs more only in men, so it is not so.

This condition affects men and women almost equally. Still, 54 percent of women have symptoms of heart-related diseases.

These include heart diseases caused by high blood pressure, high cholesterol or smoke. Also, after the end of the periods, that is, even in menopause, women are at risk of heart-related diseases.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer

Breast cancer is spreading rapidly among women. It is affecting an entire global female population and this situation is getting worse day by day. Breast cancer develops in breast cells.

These cancers usually form in the lobules or ducts of the breast, which produce milk. To avoid breast cancer, it is important that you have the right information about its symptoms so that you can recognize its symptoms immediately and get treatment on time.

Many women lack awareness about it, so it is important that women be made aware of the symptoms of breast cancer.

Uterus cancer

Ulcer cancer

Uterus cancer occurs in the lower uterus and starts in the fallopian tubes. Due to this, women may have pelvic or pelvic (above the genital area) pain along with irregular bleeding and discharge due to uterine cancer.

Periods and Menopause


Both periods and menopause are the most serious issue of women’s health. Period pains, period cramps and unbalanced periods trouble most women.

Apart from this, the end of periods ie menopause can also cause a lot of problems for women.

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Sexual problems

Sexual problems in women

Vaginal issues can also indicate serious problems like sexual problems (STDs) or cancer of the reproductive tract.

In such a situation, it is important that women take special care of their vaginal health and contact the doctor if any symptoms are seen.

Pregnancy related issues

Pregnancy Problem

Pregnancy is deeply linked to women’s health. Women’s health may deteriorate during pregnancy and pre-existing conditions may worsen, threatening the health of a mother and her baby.

Similarly, asthma, diabetes and depression can harm mother and baby during pregnancy. So during this time keep these things in mind as well. Apart from this, women may also have the problem of anemia.