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Who is Serena McKay Beaten to Death Facebook Live Stream Video Viral on Twitter and Reddit!

Serena McKay Beaten to Death Facebook Live Stream: The viral distribution of a hacked clip of Serena McKay on social media has sparked global outrage and highlighted the critical need for stricter copyright control practices. In today’s modern connected environment, new networks have turned into an effective platform for interaction and knowledge exchange.

Serena McKay

Serena McKay Beaten to Death Facebook Live Stream

But it could be another medium to reveal the darkest side of civilization. However, one horrific event occurred when a videotape of a little girl named Serena McKay, who was brutally abused and brutally murdered, surfaced on the Internet. The gruesome video soon went viral, sparking global outrage and raising major issues about the importance of the internet in spreading violent content.

Video by Serena McKay

This article will give you more details about what happened in the video. The video mainly contains two people. One was Serena and the other was her classmates. The whole incident was captured on Facebook live and the brutal way Serena was treated can be seen.

Serena McKay beaten to death incident
Serena is believed to have been beaten to death by her classmates without showing her any mercy or humanity. This can also be the case of school bullying. But the main point is that there was no humanity left and her lifeless body and her death were captured online on Live for the whole world to see.

Serena McKay Beaten To Death Facebook Live Stream Video

The schoolgirls are now in serious trouble and are accused of Selena’s murder. The video was horrifying and went online hours after Selena’s death. The matter got so out of hand that the video was online with Selena’s bloody face for hours until it was re-shared and downloaded by many others.

Serena McKay


The Serena McKay Murder Incident
The video was also seen by a local news channel reporter and it also went very viral in the news. Now comes the issue of censorship on social networking platforms. Before the death incident, Selena was reported missing and her family was very tensed about her and searched everywhere for her.


The girls responsible are aged 16 and 17 and have now been arrested with video as evidence. One girl has now turned 18 and has been charged with second degree murder. Selena’s parents are devastated and unable to comprehend their daughter’s tragedy.

They suffered greatly losing their little daughter in such a brutal way. The court gives the girls a maximum of 7 years in prison for the murder of Selena. The entire community comes together to comfort Selena’s family.

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