Who is Purple Speedy? Age, Wiki, Bio, Career, Relationship and more!

Purple Speedy

Who is Purple Speedy?: According to his reports, Purple Speedy is still breathing and fine. In this essay we are going to discuss about the famous personality of Purplespeedy. Peace Pever Anpee better known as Purplespeedy or Purple Speedy is a TikTok celebrity, online entertainment developer and business promoter from Nigeria. https://mymorningtea.in/

Purple Speedy
Purple fast age and net worth

His birthday is December 10, 1998. Her projected net worth in 2022 is around $80,000 or $50,000,000. Purplespeedy is a 25-year-old Nigerian artist, online viral sensation and TikToker. Peace Pever Anpee is her true identity. She was born in Markurdi, Edo State, Africa on November 11, 1998.

Purple Speedy Family

Tiv is a member of the Purple Swift clan. He comes from Nigeria’s Maku State. Purplespeedy was born into a Christian home. Sir Terhile Pever Anpee and ma’am Ishughun Pever are her family members along with her mother and father.

Purple fast relationships

He is the second child in her family. The real identities of the two Purple Speedy siblings are Glory Pever and Faith Pever. Purple Speedy appears to be still single in 2022, yet she has discovered a new lover named Crispdal, who is actually Elijah Chinye. Her boyfriend also makes videos for TikTok.

Purple Speedy: Instagram

Purplespeedy and Crispdal know each other and have been looking for a relationship for a few months after she reportedly broke up with Fynext, namely itz finest, who is additionally a social media celebrity and then an Afro animated film production company. She is indeed very famous on TikTok. He has almost 4 million TikTok subscribers.


Purplespeedy went to elementary school in Africa, where she was raised, and was able to spend much more of her youth. She took the WAEC test at WM Langley High School in Gboko and passed. He is currently an undergraduate at Nasarawa Community College, Keffi, where he is pursuing an education in counselling.


Peace Pever Anpee colloquially known as Purplespeedy started her profession as a performer after the entire world was shut down in November 2019. However, she left TikTok after not getting any reactions or views on her original video. However, she returned to TikTok in February 2020.


Around this time, she met her coach, itz fynext TikTok, who attends the same institution as Purplespeedy, and the couple began dating. They used to shoot some of their amazing videos on campus, but today they shoot anywhere. Purplespeedy’s fan base exceeded 1 million by the end of 2021, earning her Blogger status.


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