Who is MuKitty? YouTuber & Streamer squeezes MoistCr1TiKaL


A streamer is someone who broadcasts live or pre-recorded video online. Genres include video games, tutorials, or one-on-one conversations. Since streamers can earn millions of dollars, streaming is a lucrative career for individuals.

Up-and-coming YouTuber, MuKitty, has caught the attention of the streaming community. It currently has over 31K subscribers. First of all, Twitch creates content about streams because it “posts” them. In one of his latest videos, Charlie criticized MoistCr1TiKaL for what he perceived as his “hypocrisy”.


Who is MuKitty?

In terms of content, he recently criticized fans of Charlie’s adult content social media platform for not speaking out against QTCinderella Blair’s decision as a sponsor of the Streamer Awards. Charlie Adin criticized Ross for the flow of p*rnography, but did not hold QTCinderella to the same standard as noted by MuKitty. In a reply on April 4, MoistCr1TiKaL said that he was more open to Adi’s actions, but believed that QTCinderella and Adi’s decisions were wrong.

What is Mukitty’s latest video? The YouTuber is MoistCr1TiKaL

On April 11, MuKitty uploaded a new video to his YouTube channel, “The Wet Hypocrite Can’t Stop Lying.” The video quickly became popular and eventually created a sensation for Charlie himself. In the video, he called Charlie a liar, saying that QTCinderella and Adi called his actions strange, but they weren’t. Follow: https://mymorningtea.in/

What Social Media Says:

After MuKitty’s video was released, several viewers and community members left comments accusing her of farming drama to draw attention and put the clip in context. They also argued that MuKitty’s allegations lacked sufficient evidence and unfairly targeted Charlie. The video was criticized as pedestrian with many users expressing interest in the unfolding drama.

MoistCr1TiKaL recently responded to the YouTuber’s accusations with a 41-minute YouTube video. Charlie denied MuKitty’s claims and admitted in his reply that he had never been a liar. Overall, Charlie’s video received a lot of positive comments and received almost a million views within five hours of being uploaded. We do our best to inform the boys about MuKitty and his arguments. Also, we will update you soon if we get more information.



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