Who is Mena Massoud? Age, Family, Parents, Wiki, Movies, Religion, Wife and more!

Mena Massoud

Who is Mena Massoud?: Mena Massoud is one of the most famous actors from Egypt. He is best known as the Disney prince Aladdin from the movie Aladdin. Thanks to this movie, he gained a lot of fame and also made great friends like Will Smith and Naomi Scott. He also has a recurring role on Jack Rayne. https://mymorningtea.in/

Mena Massoud

Who is Mena Massoud?

His recent movie 2022 Royal Treatment has also gained much fame. He is known for his looks and dreamy eyes. Even for him, the theaters were full of hooting in 2019. Mena’s appearance on the big screen also served as a huge representation of the Egyptian community. He said his immigrant parents were also very proud of him.

Career of Mena Massoud

He practices a vegan lifestyle and is also a community entrepreneur called Evolving Vegan, from which he also gained a lot of momentum. This is not his only entrepreneurial work as he is also a part owner of a gin brand. He collaborated with Emily Shah and Prashant Shah to create a gin spirit inspired by Ayurvedic practices, inspiring generations to respect history.

Instagram Mena Massoud

The name of the gin is Dharma Indian Dry Gin. He promotes his Gin on his Instagram and is also gaining a lot of fans. He is a big proponent of ethnic diversity and has often spoken about the need for diversity on the big screen. He also started a foundation for other Canadians who are not represented at the moment, the Foundation helps actors and gives them a platform to survive.

Mena Massoud: Wikipedia

He started his career in 2011 with lead roles in TV shows and other minor roles. His family emigrated from Egypt and came to Canada. Where was he born. He is a Christian and lived in Toronto. He has great nostalgia and also a relationship with the city. He started in a normal college and then found his love in theatre, so he changed theaters to support his passion.


He graduated in 2014 and began to take his acting career seriously. His parents were against him doing theater at first as he was brilliant in studies but later they gave him their blessing and now he has become a great actor. To know more information about different celebrities from around the world, stay tuned as we bring news from around the world to keep you connected with the world from the comfort of your home.


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