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Who is Kuaron Harvey Video viral on the internet, girl shoots herself after shooting her cousin!

Kuaron Harvey Video: Hello everyone, we are talking about something very important and shocking at the same time, so recently we came across this viral video on social media platform and now people started searching more about this viral video.

Cuaron Harvey

Video by Cuaron Harvey

So we know you all are also curious and many people have started searching their search engines to know about this video that is surfacing on the internet and has rocked the online community. So you have come to the right place where the video features Kuaron Harvey who is a 12 year old girl along with her cousin who was engaged.

A girl shoots herself after shooting her cousin

And what was later seen on video as their usual banter turned out to be a horrifying moment, with Cuaron shooting Her 14-year-old cousin before turning the gun on himself. And we will inform you here about some of the circumstances that surrounded and now this matter is quickly floating around.

Kuaron Harvey Video Twitter Explained

We know it’s quite devastating and even the consequences are even more shocking because it’s considered a harmless act, it seems like another series, but it’s a completely joint prank video that this teenager often posts together with her cousin.

There have been several comments on the social media platform recently, initially people watched this video expecting to witness a light banter between family members. But we know that the situation will turn out to be an unexpected event and this fun game will take an amazing turn.

Cuaron Harvey

What happened to Cuaron Harvey?

All the people out there were quite shocked, just as they had nothing to say about this harmless prank that quickly turned into one of the most hilarious situations in recent times, it is also disturbing content that also has a negative impact on the youth. The teenager suddenly pulled out a gun and pointed it at her cousin.

A practical joke or prank is a malicious trick played on someone that generally causes the victim to experience embarrassment, confusion, confusion, or discomfort. A person who performs a practical joke is called a “prankster” or “prankster”. Other terms for jokes include gag, rib, jape or shenanigans.

However, practical jokes carried out with cruelty can constitute bullying, the intention of which is to annoy or exclude rather than strengthen social bonds through ritual humiliation.

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