Who Is Kiran Gosavi ? Took Selfie With Aryan Khan

Who is Kiran Gosavi this person who took selfie with Aryan Khan in NCB custody?

Kiran Gosavi


NCP has raised the question that when Kiran Gosavi is not an employee of NCB, what was he doing there?

Who gave him the right to hold Aryan’s hand and take him to the NCB office?

Present in the custody of Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB)
The selfie taken with Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan has become the neck bone of NCB.

NCP spokesperson Nawab Malik has raised the question that when that person is not an employee of NCB then what was he doing with NCB and who gave him the right to take Aryan by hand and take him to NCB office?

Nawab Malik also questioned the person who took Arbaaz Merchant’s hand and then himself told that the person who took selfie with Aryan is Kiran Gosavi.

While the other person is BJP’s Vice President Manish Bhanushali. The question is, who is this Kiran Gosavi?

ARYAN khan

According to Nawab Malik, Kiran Gosavi describes himself as a private detective. Now the question is, what was a private detective doing there and who gave him the right?

NCB zonal director Sameer Wankhede and DDG Dnyaneshwar Singh have claimed that he is their Panch witness and the help of more such witnesses has been taken in the case.

There is a provision of independent witness in the law. Although the selfie with Aryan and how he was allowed to take his hand, both did not answer the question.

Kiran Gosavi Biography

However, according to information received from NCB sources, Kiran Gosavi is a resident of Thane and was called there by an intelligence officer of NCB himself.

According to the information, Kiran and another witness were called on October 2 at 11.30 am at International Terminal Green Gate and were introduced to Sameer Wankhede and other team members there.

That NCB officer told him there that he had received secret information that some people on the Cordelia cruise were going to come with drugs.

That officer also had the names of some suspicious people. The officer asked both of them to be present with him during the search and then the NCB team went inside the terminal showing the gate pass.

Written permission was taken for Kiran Gosavi and other witnesses to enter.

Inside, a female CISF jawan was also taken along to help in the search. According to the rules, it was also confirmed that the team does not already have any banned substance.

Only items like stationery, NCB seal, DD kit, digital weighing machine, laptop and printer were with them.

After all the preparations were done, the NCB team started keeping an eye on the departure gate and at around 5 pm, they first suspected Vikrant Bran.

On searching him, mephedrone drug was found from his possession. After that MDMA and 40 thousand rupees were found from Ishmit Singh Chadha.

At the departure gate itself, NCB suspected two more persons, when they were asked their names, one said Arbaaz A Merchant and the other Aryan Shahrukh Khan.

When the NCB officer revealed his identity and searched, the charas kept hidden in Arbaaz’s shoes was recovered.

Arbaaz told NCB that both he and Aryan Khan take charas and are taking it for use in the Cordelia cruise.

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When Aryan was asked, he also admitted that yes he also takes charas and the recovered charas was for smoking on the cruise. After this, Gomit Chopra was also searched on the basis of suspicion, then MDMA and 93 thousand rupees were found from him.

According to sources, Kiran Gosavi and other witnesses were witnesses to this entire action. After Panchanme, the team came to NCB’s office with all the accused.


In the press conference, NCP spokesperson Nawab Malik has claimed that a criminal case has been registered against Kiran Gosavi in ​​Pune, calling him a fraud.

A case of cheating has been registered against him by promising to give him a job through Facebook in the year 2018.

There are different pictures in the social media of Kiran, in which he is seen in his private car with a police board ahead, and in one photo he is holding a pistol in his hand.

Aryan khan

There is also a photo of Kiran Gosavi with a selfie with BJP’s Manish Bhanushali. This selfie hobby of Kiran has become the neck bone of NCB.

According to the newspaper Mumbai Mirror, Gosavi’s company has been registered with the police for allegedly cheating a boy of 3.09 lakhs in the name of getting a job in a Malaysian hotel.

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