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Who is Habibi Video Viral and Trending on Reddit, Twitter, YouTube Link

Who is Habibi Video Viral and Trending on Reddit, Twitter, YouTube Link!

Jhoome Jo Pathaan is the title track of the movie Pathaan and is the latest trending online while this movie has been trending on various social media, the movie has been impressive so far.

While on the other hand, many people grooved their bodies to this song. Talking about Hammad, after the star posted his dance video online and also joined the title track of Pathaan, he started trending online and the video got many views in no time.

Habibi viral video

Habibi Video Viral

The actor made everyone laugh with his dance moves and energetic moves as well. Fans were shocked and also loved the actor’s grooving to the title track of Pathaan. On the other hand, it can be said that the fans were happy to see Hammad dancing, with one of them commenting that he is a great dancer, while another user commented that he did the right hook and also messed up the dance floor.

Who is Habibi?

On the other hand, it is mentioned that the actor does such things online and while dancing and performing online on many trending songs. While on the other hand, Hammod is widely known for his various roles that he played in many dramas. His widely acclaimed works include Khidmat Guzari, Soteli Mamta, Kesi Teru Khudgarzi etc.

Full video Habibi

While the actor is widely known for his hard work and passion for acting. Speaking of Hammod’s le@ked video, or Habibi’s video, Hammod previously set fire or set the dance floor on fire when he made a video for Asim Azhar’s song titled Habibi and Hammod danced to this song. While the actor was seen grooving and dancing to Habibi’s song, the video went viral.

Although there are many rumors of le@ked because the song is already out, the song is rather not le@ked, Hammod’s Pathaan dance video is trending and his Habibi dance video is also trending. so stay tuned to our website for such fun and trendy videos, we are here for your entertainment!! Follow My Morning Tea.

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