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What The Big Bank Challenge Is On TikTok Explained And Its Significance As It Goes Viral In 2023

In the vibrant and ever-changing environment of TikTok, the Big Bank Challenge has made a surprising comeback and confirmed its enduring relevance in the world of viral trends, learn its meaning.

The Big Bank Challenge

Launched in 2021, the challenge burst onto the TikTok scene once again, captivating audiences around the world and quickly amassing thousands of views.

Explained What The Big Bank Challenge Is On TikTok And Its Significance As The Trend Goes Viral In 2023

Big Bank’s challenge applies to all TikTok users, mostly women who proudly show off their assets. Showcasing their slim waists and striking facial features, the contestants end up focusing the camera on their derrieres, nicknamed the “big bank”. However, the challenge is not limited to women as several men have also jumped on this trend bandwagon.

The catchy tune driving the trend is “$NOT a Flo Milli Mean” with the lyrics “Cuz I got a small waist, a pretty face with a big bank” setting the stage for the challenge. The user @halle.c00l.Cat is also credited with starting the trend in January 2021, whose video amassed 8 million views in the following months.

With the hashtag #bigbank reaching over a billion views on TikTok, the trend is far from slowing down. Many remixes were even seen with individuals of different body shapes adding their unique spin with the lyrics ‘Cause I’ve got a fat waist, a decent face and a weird bank’ promoting a positive body image.

The Big Bank Challenge

How to join the Big Bank Challenge?

Want to be a part of the Big Bank challenge? Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Social media reaction to the Big Bank Challenge

Reactions to the Big Bank challenge are a mix of humor, criticism and support. Many users left comedic comments such as: “Wait, do that again, I walked on a toaster” or “Finally a sound for us all built like an air pod.”

However, not everyone is happy with this trend. Some users criticized it as sexist and said that using your own body for likes is not a good idea. Despite this criticism, others believe that if the trend is not too explicit, it can provide entertainment and even contribute to body positivity.

As the Big Bank Challenge continues to spread across the digital landscape, one thing is clear: TikTok trends, whether new or re-emerging, continue to shape our online and offline dialogues, offering various opportunities for connection, self-expression and even humor.

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