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Vicky White Wiki, Bio, Age, Husband, Net Worth, Ethnicity, Height, Parents

Vicky White Wikipedia, Biography, Wiki, Net Worth, Age:- Vicky White is a police officer who escaped with inmate Casey White, who is accused of murder, vehicle theft and police pursuit. After an 11-day search, the pair were discovered together and taken to a prison for further examination. Vicky White shot herself before she could be caught, and Casey White surrendered to authorities. The couple were believed to be romantically involved, but there was no official romantic relationship between the two prior to Casey’s arrest.

Casey White, a man detained on suspicion of fleeing with a policewoman, was taken in for questioning and arrested. He admitted that they thought they had gone far enough and wanted to stop in the middle before continuing to the next place. Vicky White’s last day at her police department was supposed to be today. She sold her house, told her coworkers she wanted to spend time at the beach, and bought a 2007 Ford Edge to get away.

Vicky White

Full Name Vicky White

Birth Date 1966

Profession Police officer

Marital Status Married

Age 56 Years Old(Died)

Height 5.6 Feet

Weight 64 kg

Eye Color Black

Birth Place Alabama, United States

Religion Christian

Father’s Name Not Known

Mother’s Name Unknown

Sister Name Unknown

Net Worth $500,000

Who is Vicky White?

Vicky White was a prison warden in Alabama who became famous around the world after she disappeared with a violent murder suspect. On April 2, White, an Alabama prison officer, helped inmate Casey White escape.

Vicky White Age, Wikipedia, Education, Biography

Vicky White was 56 when she died in May 2022. Her date of birth has not yet been released. We will provide an update as soon as such information is made public.


Vicky was set to retire at the age of 56 as her time with the police department was coming to an end. According to sources, she was employed as a forensic officer in the department. According to Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton, she was a model employee for everyone in the department. She was highly respected by her co-workers, staff and even judges for her kindness and the honesty of her work. He also added that Ms. White was the county’s assistant director of corrections and was a respected figure who provided the elderly man with a motherly presence. Despite her reputation, Mrs. White, the head of the prison, helped the offender Casey White, or “the mastermind”, escape with the plan and the inmate’s preparations for everything, such as the car and the sale of the house.

Vicky planned everything before escaping to prison with her partner. Shortly before her disappearance, she sold her residence for $95,550, which was less than half of its current market value. She bought a 2007 Ford Edge that was discovered abandoned in Williamson County, Tennessee, hours after they broke out of jail. According to her co-workers in the department, she spoke of her life after retirement as a dream and often mentioned spending time at the beach.

Her last day on the ward was the day she went missing, according to her co-workers. He has been with the department for almost two decades. According to reports, Vicky submitted her pension documents at the end of April, although they have not yet been finalised. She also liked to talk about retirement at least three or four months in advance, as if preparing for her absence.

Husband of Vicky White

White was previously married to Frances’ son Tommy, who died in January aged 62 from Parkinson’s disease. White has been a widow ever since.

Vicky White Death

She died on May 9, 2022. Authorities have not released the cause of her death, but it is suspected that she died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head after the pair were captured and taken to a hospital where she died.

Net Worth 

According to published reports, Vicky White’s net worth was estimated at $500,000 at the time of her death on May 9, 2022. Follow

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