UPSC Success Story : Sumit Kumar From Bihar Got 53rd Rank In Third Attempt

UPSC Success Story: Sumit Kumar of Bihar became an IAS officer in the third attempt, gives this important advice for preparation



UPSC Success Story From Bihar

It was during his graduation that Sumit got the idea to take the Civil Services Examination and he also started preparing for it.

The story of Sumit Kumar is very inspiring for the aspirants preparing for UPSC. Sumit Kumar belongs to a village in Bihar, where there is not much awareness about education.

In such a situation, Sumit’s parents continued his studies and sent him to boarding school only at the age of 8 for a better future.

During this, Sumit’s parents also had to face many struggles but they never let it affect their children’s education.

Sumit has completed his education up to class 12 from boarding school itself. After that he graduated from IIT. It was during his graduation that Sumit got the idea to take the Civil Services Examination and he also started preparing for it.

In the year 2016, he gave his first attempt for the Civil Services Examination. He was unsuccessful in his first attempt. However, he recognized and rectified the mistakes made in the first attempt.

After this Sumit gave the second attempt of the Civil Services Examination the very next year. This time he had achieved success with 493rd rank but he did not get the desired post.

Instead of being satisfied with this success, Sumit continued his studies and eventually secured 53rd rank in the third attempt and also secured the desired post. With this success, Sumit raised the head of his family members proudly.

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Sumit Kumar got 493rd rank in 2017 UPSC exam and got defense cadre. He again took the UPSC exam and created history by topping the rank of 53 in the year 2018.

The family members were very happy with the joy of his becoming an officer. He credits his success to his parents who took tough decisions for his bright future. Sumit passed matriculation in 2007 and Inter in 2009.( UPSC SUCCESS STORY )

In 2009, he was selected for IIT and completed his BTech from IIT Kanpur. To get success in UPSC exam, Sumit Kumar has given special emphasis on many things, which will be important for the candidates to know.

According to Sumit, it is very important to practice to get success in this exam. He says that in his first attempt he gave only 5 or 6 test papers.

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In such a situation, Sumit could not even clear the prelims due to lack of sufficient practice. At the same time, in the second attempt, he had scored good marks in prelims and mains but did not perform very well in the interview. (UPSC SUCCESS STORY)

However, in the third attempt, Sumit rectified all the mistakes and became the topper of the Civil Services Examination.

Sumit believes that one should study from limited books to perform better in prelims. Along with this, regular revision and test series should be given.

To prepare for this exam, along with hard work and the right strategy, you should also keep improving your mistakes. Apart from this, it is very important to have patience along with studies. ‌‌

Sumit Kumar IAS

Delhi Knowledge Track

In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Sumit says that in the year 2018, he took this exam for the third time in which he got selected with 53rd rank.

Before that he had made two attempts. Out of this, his pre was also not cleared in the first attempt and in the second attempt of the year 2017, his rank came to 493, due to which he got the Indian Defense States Service. During the third attempt, Sumit was in training but was also studying after taking time out.(UPSC SUCCESS STORY)


UPSC Interview Prepration

In fact, the problem of not preparing the syllabus was over with Sumit after the first attempt as he was unable to score in the interview, due to which his rank had come down. Next time he worked on his problem.

Mistakes In UPSC

Sumit admits to the mistake of his first attempt that he had not done the number of test papers he should have prepared.

He had reached the exam by giving only 5 or 6 test papers, due to which he was not practiced. Practice is very important in this paper. Because of this, his pre was not cleared in the first attempt.

Sumit considers himself very lucky that there should always be people from this area around him who not only helped Sumit from time to time but also made him aware of his shortcomings.

Upsc success story

How to crack UPSC Prelims In Frist Attempt

After the first attempt, Sumit fiercely gave tests for the Pre. They consider three mantras of success in Pre, Test Series, Revision and Limited Books.

Similarly, for the mains also, Sumit used to write the answer and give it to his different colleagues and seniors who have either been selected or are preparing.(UPSC SUCCESS STORY)

After taking feedback from them, Sumit used to remove his shortcomings. They say, when people from different areas see your answer, then point out different types of shortcomings in it, then it is easy to rectify them.

How to prepare for UPSC interview

Similarly, from those who have been selected, Sumit sought help for the interview and worked on all the shortcomings that were told to him.

UPSC Success Mantra

Sumit says that it is very important to be patient while preparing for this exam because sometimes it takes a lot of time to get success.

Hard work and effort in the right direction is also very important. Along with this, always be open to admit your shortcomings so that people can openly tell you your shortcomings. (UPSC SUCCESS STORY)

Improve them in time. Practice is very important for this exam so don’t forget to practice hard. Make the strategy according to your weakness and strength and keep taking feedback from people continuously.

In the end, that’s all, work hard but don’t worry too much about the result. When efforts are made in the right direction, success is definitely achieved.

Body Language For UPSC Interview

Sumit said that it is necessary to practice for the interview. Mock interviews are very beneficial. Apart from this, it is important to pay special attention to body language during the interview.

You can also practice in front of the mirror. He said that sometimes even knowing this, we are not able to give the right answer to the question on time. This happens because of anxiety. Therefore, one should also practice to maintain self-confidence.(UPSC SUCCESS STORY)

He said that most of the candidates get rejected in the interview because they are not able to give balanced answers to the questions. Brief and accurate answers should be given during the interview. If there is no answer to a question, then there should be no hesitation in saying that you do not know. It has a positive effect. (UPSC SUCCESS STORY)

Sumit Kumar enjoying a bike ride in his leisure moments. His message to the aspirants of UPSC exam is to be aware of your environment. Most of the questions in the interview are also related to current affairs, so always keep reading newspapers and magazines.(UPSC SUCCESS STORY)