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UPPSC PCS 2021 Pre: Current affairs questions dominated in PCS, Prayagraj had the highest attendance of 64.84 percent

UPPSC Questions Analysis

In the preliminary examination of PCS-2021 and Assistant Conservator of Forests (ACF) / Regional Forest Officer (RFO)-2021 conducted by the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC), this time the questions of current affairs dominated.

In the General Studies paper, questions from almost all the sections were asked from the traditional questions to the current ones.  The candidates found the paper easy and balanced and it also showed novelty.

UPPSC exam


The examination held on Sunday in 31 districts of the state, 46.45 per cent candidates registered their attendance, while more than half the candidates left the examination.

There are 538 posts of PCS and 16 posts of ACF/RFO are to be recruited.  A total of 691173 candidates were registered in the state for the examination, out of which 321063 candidates appeared for the examination.


According to the candidates and experts, the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission is constantly changing the pattern of the paper every year on the lines of the Union Public Service Commission.  This time maximum 34 to 35 questions were asked from current affairs.

21 questions were asked from History, 19 of Geography, 25 of Polity, 10 of Economy, 12 of Environment, 20 of Science and about nine questions related to Uttar Pradesh and Census.

Candidates pointed out that there was novelty in the questions and there was no repetition.  The questions were easier this time than last year in the General Studies exam held in the first shift from 9.30 am to 11.30 am.

According to experts, the questions of current were asked from almost all the sections including environment, polity, economy.

The questions related to UP were also contemporary and most of the questions were related to schemes.  The pattern of the paper is indicating that if a candidate has attempted 90 or more questions then he/she is more likely to be successful and if he/she has answered 95 or more questions correctly then success is certain.

However the qualifying paper of CSAT held in the second shift from 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm was a bit difficult for the candidates.

The English questions were quite difficult and inter-personal questions were asked from psychology, which was a surprise to the aspirants.

In such a situation, the challenge of qualifying in the examination has increased for the candidates.

This time the question paper of General Studies was simple and with direct questions as compared to previous years.  Students who have studied polity, geography, current affairs better, they will be in the best position.

General Studies paper was balanced and level.  The paper was made on the lines of the Civil Services of the Union Public Service Commission.  Very few questions were repeated.  There was newness in the questions.  The CSAT paper was a bit tough.

The General Studies paper was completely based on facts.  Questions were asked from almost all the sections.  Those candidates who have prepared for current affairs properly, their chances of succeeding have increased.

Highest 64.82 percent attendance in Prayagraj ( UPPSC)

In the preliminary examination of PCS and ACF/RFO, 64.82 percent appeared in Prayagraj.  Here 60886 candidates were registered for the preliminary examination, out of which 39467 candidates appeared in the examination.

At the same time, the lowest 29-29 percent attendance was in Mainpuri and Etawah. (UPPSC)

For the preliminary examination of PCS and ACF/RFO, 1505 centers were set up in 31 districts of the state.  This time for the first time jammers were installed by the commission for monitoring the sensitive centers. (UPPSC)

Jammers were installed at a total of 113 examination centers in the state, out of which more than a dozen sensitive centers were in Prayagraj.  This time group photography of all the personnel engaged in the examination centers was also done.

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Some questions asked in the UPPSC exam

Question– Which one of the following rivers is not a part of the Indian Ganga basin?

  1. Punpun River,
  2. Ajay River,
  3. Jalangi River,
  4. Jonk River

Question– What is the theme of World Youth Skills Day, 2021?

  1. Young People and Skills,
  2. Skills Development and Employment,
  3. Young People and Entrepreneurship,
  4. Reimagining Youth Skills Post Pandemic

Question– In which year the PC Hota committee was formed to improve the civil services?

  1. 2003
  2. 2004,
  3. 2005,
  4. 2006

Question– Which one of the following is the most populous state in India as per the estimates of Census 2011

  1. Bihar
  2. Madhya Pradesh,
  3. Maharashtra
  4. Uttar Pradesh (UPPSC)

Question – In February 2021, Ngozi Okonjo Iwela was appointed as the first woman Director General of the World Trade Organization.  This woman is from which of the following nations?

  1. Nigeria,
  2. South Africa,
  3. Kenya,
  4. Ethiopia


Question– Fly ash pollution occurs

  1. Oil refining,
  2. Fertilizer industry,
  3. Thermal power plant,
  4. Mining

Question– Which of the following country is not situated on the coast of Black Sea?

  1. Syria,
  2. Turkey,
  3. Georgia,
  4. Bulgaria

Question– According to the ‘Global Peace Index, 2021’, which of the following is the world’s most peaceful region?

  1. Africa,
  2. Europe,
  3. Australia,
  4. South America ( UPPSC)

Question– Who among the following was the chairman of the first Finance Commission of India?

  1. Mr.  Santhanam,
  2. Mr.  KC Niyogi,
  3. Dr. Raj Mannar,
  4. Mr.  AK Chanda

Question– Which of the following vitamins is necessary for normal vision?

  1. Folic Acid,
  2. Riboflavin,
  3. Niacin,
  4. Retinol

Question– According to the 2011 census, which state had the lowest population density?

  1. Himachal Pradesh,
  2. Arunachal Pradesh,
  3. West Bengal,
  4. Mizoram

Question– Which one of the following is not a fundamental duty under the Indian Constitution?

  1. Voting in general elections,
  2. developing the spirit of scientific outlook,
  3. protection of public property,
  4. observance of the constitution and respect for its ideals

Question- Under which scheme was announced to give tablets to students in the budget 2021-22 of Uttar Pradesh?

  1. Chief Minister Abhyudaya Yojana,
  2. Chief Minister Employment Scheme,
  3. Chief Minister Child Service Scheme,
  4. Chief Minister Education Scheme

Question– ‘Uttar Pradesh Swami Vivekananda Historical Tourist Travel Scheme 2021’ was started by the Uttar Pradesh government for which of the following persons for religious travel?

  1. For elderly,
  2. For women,
  3. For widows,
  4. For laborers.

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