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Ted Hankey Assault Video Goes Viral On Twitter and Reddit

WATCH: Ted Hankey’s Assault Video Goes Viral On Twitter and Reddit: This is to inform you that former world archer Ted Hankey has been jailed. But why is he in prison, and what are the charges against him?

These kinds of questions are being asked online since the news of his arrest appeared on the web. However, we are here to kill all the questions related to this article. According to a source, the former world archer has been sentenced to life in prison for sexually abusing a woman and sexually abusing her.

Ted Hankey Assault Video

Ted Hankey Assault Video

But who exposed him in court? Many questions remain to be answered. You are advised to stick to this blog and keep reading this article to read and explore this subject further. In the following sections of this article, we have discussed a number of important issues and the main point of these issues. Look them up by scrolling down the page.

Currently, Ted Hankey is 54 years old and has reportedly been sentenced to two years in prison. Well, to hear that, he will serve two years in prison for his wicked deeds. As we have already said, he sexually abused and oppressed a woman. But the most sought after question in this article is: Who? Please see the additional section to read the same.

Ted Hankey Attack Video Explained

According to a source, he was caught on camera. Announcing the prison sentence, Judge Steven Everett said, “he would have denied it until the end of the incident if he had not been filmed.” Meanwhile, the guilty image of his conviction has been erased by the media and the public. The former archer has also signed the Offender Register for $ ex ten years. Download more details about the incident in which Ted Hankey was found guilty.

According to a source, Ted Hankey abused the victim last year in September. Moreover, the incident was the subject of a speech at Chessi. While a 54-year-old resident of Wendover Grove, Berry Hill. The matter came to light when the deceased went to the police to open a file of complaint against him.

Following the complaint the Department of Police launched an in-depth investigation, which resulted in the discovery of drawings on the matter. Stay in touch with us for more information. Follow

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