Tamadoge Coin Price, Become Biggest OKX Listing 2022

Tamadoge Coin Price

P2E gaming token Tamadoge to become OKX’s biggest listing in 2022 after $19 million presale

Tamadoge’s new gaming project is expected to be one of the biggest announcements of 2022 considering the attention and buzz its pre-sale has already garnered.

The presale ended in less than eight weeks as investors rushed to buy TAMA tokens while they were discounted, with $19 million raised and two unknown crypto whales buying 55.8 ETH and 40 ETH just hours before the sale.

The project is now set to list on the OKX exchange at 12:00 BST on 27 September 2022, while the first pre-sale investors can claim their tokens on the Tamadoge website from 8:00 BST on 27 September 2022. Further listings on other exchanges have to be confirmed in the coming weeks.

For users unable to register on OKX, Tamadoge will also be available on the OKX DEX from 16:00 BST on 27 September 2022. Tamadoge has already gained a significant following on social media and analysts are predicting a huge buzz around the project. pump from original list price of $0.03.

Tamadoge Coin Price

What is Tamadoge (TAMA)?

Tamadoge is a blockchain gaming project that offers a chance for significant profits like other meme coins Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB). Like these coins, TAMA offers the potential for huge ROI with doge symbolism and community-led growth. However, unlike these coins, TAMA offers a full gaming environment, NFT ownership and strict tokenomics that really sets it apart.

His pre-sale got the crypto world talking with his $19 million cap raised in short order. In fact, it caused the ICO to surpass a significant mark by raising more than the initial coin offering of Ethereum – the largest altcoin with a current market cap of $165 billion – making it one of the most successful cryptocurrency presales ever.

Early ETH investors raised $14 million in 2014, with the coin currently trading at around $1,400 after previous highs of nearly $5,000. With GameFi expected to be one of the biggest growth areas in the crypto space over the next decade, and one that has been less affected by the bear market than other asset classes, it looks like Tamadoge will enjoy a rapid rise in the coming weeks and months. growth. .

What is Tamaverse?

At the end of 2022, after the coin is listed on many exchanges, TAMA holders will be able to mint NFT pets. Built in the style of the 1990s when kids went crazy for Tamagotchi, pet owners will be able to feed, care for and grow their pets into adults – even showering them with digital toys and treats purchased at TAMA from the pet store.

Once the pets are adults, owners can use them to battle other pets for a chance to move up the global leaderboard and win prizes.

The wider Tamaverse will also feature additional Tamadoge-based arcade and P2E mini-games, due to be revealed in Q2 2023, before the 3D pets jump off the screen when an augmented reality app is introduced – allowing owners to take their pets into the real world to exploring and finding tokens.

Demos and first looks at the game are expected “very soon,” according to social media posts, with the project in full development.

Tamadoge Tokenomics

Tamadoge may bill itself as a meme coin, but its tokenomics are a far cry from traditional meme coins, making it stand out as one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in, according to some.

DOGE was invented as a peer-to-peer inflationary currency with an unlimited supply, limited to 5 billion new tokens per year and has a current circulating supply of over 130 billion. SHIB has a maximum supply, but at 549 trillion it is 275,000 times larger than TAMA’s strict supply of 2 billion tokens.

Furthermore, 50% of them were sold during the pre-sale, another 20% will be used for liquidity on the exchanges, while the last 30% is to be locked and released over the next 10 years to fund the project as it moves along the schedule.

To put tokenomics in context, for TAMA to reach $1, it would require a total market of $2 billion – a number similar to ApeCoin (APE) or Terra Classic (LUNC) – and one that would represent 33.33x the initial listing. cost $0.03.

On the other hand, for DOGE to reach $1, the market cap would have to sit north of $130 billion, a number higher than all coins except market leaders Bitcoin and Ethereum, and a number that would be more than the third and fourth largest coins . (USDT and USDC) together. Even then, new investors would only see 16x Doge’s current price of $0.06 at the time of publication.

As mentioned above, TAMA also includes a deflation mechanism that will increase scarcity and should increase in value over time, with 5% of all pet trade transactions being burned.

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Tamadog Security

Finding the best new cryptocurrencies to buy is always risky given the amount of carpet pulling and honeypot scams that occur in the space. However, Tamadoge has taken a number of steps to give investors peace of mind before purchasing the project.

The project team consists of doxxed Head of Growth Carl Dawkins, Lead Game Developer Thomas Seabrook, Senior Blockchain Developer Siphamandla Mjoli and Senior Interaction Designer Neil Palethorpe, while Eric Lamontagne has just been announced as Web3 Full Stack Developer. Before launching the pre-sale, SolidProof audited the smart contract and CoinSniper completed KYC verification.

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Tamadog Community

Like any good meme coin, Tamadoge already has a large social media presence with over 70,000 followers on Twitter, another 50,000 on the Telegram group, and 20,000 on Discord. The #Tamadoge army continues to grow and help promote the project locally – much like the followers of DOGE and SHIB did when they saw their coins gain exponential growth.

The project is also hosting a $100,000 TAMA token until October 16, where various tasks, such as following the Twitter page, will allow one entry. Follow the entry instructions here. The team also regularly hosts YouTube AMAs and engages and converses with holders on Telegram and Discord. It also provides social media memes to bring more attention to the project.




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