Who is Suhas LY? Wiki, Biography, The Sharpest IAS Of The Country

Ias Suhas LY

Suhas LY, the country’s sharpest IAS officer, who created history in Tokyo Paralympics, told the secret of his success

Who is Suhas LY? Wiki And Biography 

Suhas LY, the country’s promising IAS officer, who created history in the Tokyo Paralympics, was accorded a grand welcome at the Delhi airport.

Apart from this, he was warmly welcomed even after reaching Noida, people were showering flowers on him.

Although the people present at IGI Terminal 3 were eager to catch a glimpse of every member of the Paralympic players’ contingent, there was a special curiosity in the minds of the people towards Suhas LY.

It was a wonder in itself for the people that a person who has passed the Indian Administrative Service examination with hard work, being the District Magistrate of a district of the country, how can he achieve such a huge success even in the field of sports.

Suhas LY

While telling the children about success, he was explaining that any person can achieve anything with the help of hard work.

People were trying their best to listen to what he was saying amid the welcoming noise at the terminal. He told his fans that one should try with all their heart to get what they want in life.

It is possible that in one attempt we will not get success, but that does not mean that we should stop trying. Hard work always shows its color. He said that I thank the people of the country. This medal belongs to every person of the country.

People were not tired of praising his decency as he accepted people’s greetings after boarding an open jeep at the exit of the terminal. He was accepting his greetings once with a smile on whomever met his eye.

The words of thanks must have come out of his mouth hundreds of times in those nearly 15-minute moments when the crowd surrounded his open jeep.

Balkar Singh, who came from Punjab, said that although every Paralympic player is a source of inspiration for others, but the story of Suhas is such that it is worthy of inspiring the youth of not only the country but the whole world.

Balkar Singh said that when he reaches his home, he will ask his son to google once to know about Suhas and follow in his footsteps and illuminate the name of the country.

In view of the arrival of Suhas at Terminal 3, many Uttar Pradesh Police personnel were on duty here.

When the rules related to physical distance started breaking in the crowd gathered to welcome the Paralympic players at the terminal, the Central Industrial Security Force personnel got a lot of support from the Uttar Pradesh Police personnel.

He was handling the security of Suhas as well as the crowd present there. Central Industrial Security Force personnel surrounded Suhas while Uttar Pradesh Police personnel were controlling the crowd present there.