Why Shikhar Dhawan Divorced His Wife?


Shikhar Dhawan Divorced his wife?

Shikhar Dhawan

Shikhar’s close friend told- Dhawan wanted the marriage not to break, Ayesha decided to separate after 8 months of sourness

Star cricketer Shikhar Dhawan’s wife Ayesha posted on social media on Wednesday revealing her divorce. Shikhar married Ayesha Mukherjee 9 years ago in 2012 against the wishes of the family. Many cricketers including Virat Kohli attended this wedding.

His close friends are quite surprised after the news of the divorce came. Shikhar has not said anything about the divorce so far, but he has removed many videos related to Ayesha from social media. At the same time, Ayesha has informed about the breakdown of the second marriage by posting an emotional post on social media.


Relationship soured after January between Shikhar Dhawan and his wife

A close aide of Shikhar said on the condition of anonymity that everything was fine between Shikhar and Ayesha till December last year. At the beginning of the lockdown, Shikhar shared photos and videos with wife Ayesha and advised people to stay at home. (why shikhar divorce)

At the same time, he had also put a video on social media while cleaning the toilet during the lockdown. He also had Ayesha in it.

Suspense remains on why the relationship broke up(shikhar dhawan divorce reason)

Those close to Shikhar say that their relationship has soured in the last seven-eight months. No one knows what is the reason for this. Even after the relationship deteriorated, Shikhar did not want that their marriage should break. But, divorce was initiated towards Ayesha. After this Shikhar agreed.

Even after the divorce, Shikhar is trying that everything goes well, so till now he has not given any post or statement on it. Ayesha posted the matter of divorce on social media on Tuesday. After this, Shikhar has removed many videos and photos related to Ayesha from his social media account.

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The friendship of both was done through social media

Talking about the love story of Shikhar and Ayesha, it started from social media. Seeing Ayesha’s photo on social media, Shikhar was in awe of her at first sight. Ayesha was divorced and had two daughters. Even after this he married Ayesha.

Shikhar’s father was against this relation. His father did not want Shikhar to marry a woman with two daughters. But he loved Ayesha so much that he refused to obey his father. Later the family agreed.

Did shikhar divorce his wife?

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Shikhar dhawan wife divorce reason