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Roblox Sonic Speed ​​Simulator Video Leaked On Twitter, Reddit, YouTube

Roblox Sonic Speed ​​Simulator Video Leaked On Twitter, Reddit, YouTube : Sonic Speed ​​Simulator is an officially licensed Sonic game on the Roblox platform. Along with playable characters like Sonic and his friends, players can also collect familiar items like rings and gems to gain XP. Since leveling is the only way to get faster, you’ll want to do it as efficiently as you can. In this guide, we’ll tell you what you can do to level up fast in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator.

As mentioned above, leveling up is the only way to get faster in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator. Gaining XP and leveling up will give you more speed, gain multipliers, and unlock new worlds. Below are the best ways to level up fast in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator.

Roblox Sonic Speed ​​Simulator Video: Collect rings and gems

Sonic Speed ​​Simulator Video Leaked

In Sonic Speed ​​Simulator Video, you gain XP for every step you take. Since you will be quite slow in the beginning, this is not the most profitable way. Therefore, you should focus on collecting as many gems and rings as possible. When farming for XP, stick to the paths in Green Hill and Lost Valley, as these will have the highest concentration of gems and stars. Once you’ve built up enough speed, you should also jump through the Sky Rings every chance you get, as these provide a solid chunk of XP.

Sonic Speed ​​Simulator Video: Equip chaos and trails

While gems grant XP, rings are a form of currency that you can spend in slots to collect boosters like Chaos and Trails. Chaos and Trails are items that players can equip to gain additional multipliers on earned experience and rings. Therefore, the higher the rarity and level of your Chao and Trail, the more XP and rings you collect. While only one trail can be equipped at a time, you can choose up to three Chaos pets to stack your multipliers.

Sonic Speed ​​Simulator : Use Boosts

Players can get temporary resource boosters such as Magnet Boost, Triple Rings, Triple XP and Sky Rings. Once activated, these boosts can provide huge additional multipliers to the rings and gems you collect, while the Magnet Boost pulls nearby collectibles towards you. These boosters can be purchased in exchange for Robux or can be obtained for free from a Redeem chest.

Sonic Speed ​​Simulator Video: Complete rebirth

Rebirths are of utmost importance if you want to become the fastest pacer in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator. Once you reach max level, you can choose Rebirth. Rebirthing resets your level but permanently increases your XP multiplier and gives you a higher level cap. Therefore, after each respawn, you gain XP much faster than before.


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