Priyanka Sohoni Biography : Bridge Gap Between Narendra Modi And Xi Jinping

Who is Priyanka Sohoni who fiercely told China in a UN program?

Priyanka Sohoni Biography

Priyanka Sohoni is an officer of the Indian Foreign Service and First Secretary of the Indian Embassy in China. According to her Twitter profile, she has interests in books, history, art, nature, technology and law.

Recently, India has lodged a strong protest against China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) at the United Nations Sustainable Transport Conference.

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When Indian Diplomat Priyanka Sohni was speaking, her mic suddenly went off. It took time to fix it. After everything was fine, the video of the next speaker started playing on the screen.

Priyanka Sohoni upsc

But Liu Zhenmin, Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, stopped it. Let us tell you that Liu has been the former Vice Foreign Minister of China. He requested Priyanka to complete her talk, after which Priyanka kept her word.

After this Priyanka said about China’s BRI project that we have been disproportionately affected by it. CPEC interferes with the sovereignty of India.

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No country can support an initiative that ignores its core concerns on sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Priyanka Sohoni Biography

Priyanka sohoni UPSC

Clips of Priyanka’s speech are being shared fiercely in India. Let’s know who is Priyanka Sohni. Priyanka Sohni is an Indian foreign service officer.

She became the First Secretary of the Indian Embassy at Beijing. Since 2016 Priyanka has been posted there. Priyanka, a 2012 batch officer, has received the Gold Medal of the Best Trainee Officer in 2012.

In October 2019, when Chinese President Xi Jinping visited India, Priyanka translated Jinping’s words and explained them to PM Modi.


When Jinping asked about Indian culture and symbols, Priyanka helped Jinping explain it.

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