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One Piece Chapter 1061: Who Is Oda And Akainu’s Daughter?

One Piece Chapter 1061: Did Oda Introduce Akainu’s Daughter? A very interesting theory has recently gained ground in connection with One Piece chapter 1061.

Marines make their presence known in the current arc. Several of them debuted in One Piece chapter 1061. Hibari was seemingly the most overlooked new member of the SWORD organization. Of course, that was until someone came up with a fascinating idea.

Twitter user @sandman_AP is a Japanese translator within the community. Based on Hibari’s specific dialect in One Piece chapter 1061, they believe there must be some connection between her and Fleet Admiral Sakazuki, known by his former name Akainu.

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Here is a brief explanation of Father Akainu’s theory in One Piece chapter 1061

One Piece Chapter 1061

Hibari and Akainu use the same speech style

According to @sandman_AP , Hibari speaks a special form of language known as the “Hiroshima dialect”. Due to his strong association with the Yakuza, the speakers are often stereotyped as loud and combative, and Hibari is somewhat informal in his manner of speaking.

Because of this, Japanese dialects can get lost in translation, making details like this very easy to miss. Since @sandman_AP is a native Japanese speaker, he can understand the nuances of the language used in One Piece chapter 1061. It turns out that only two characters in the series used the Hiroshima dialect.

Although not confirmed in any way, there may be a deeper connection between Hibari and Akainu. It might seem like a stretch, but readers might also want to think outside the box. Even the most basic theories are disproved with regular ease, such as the Straw Hats going to Elbaf instead of Egghead.

If confirmed, Akainu is an even bigger monster

Assuming this theory has a chance to survive, One Piece chapter 1061 will have very wide implications. Akainu’s brutal actions killed many people, including his own marines. Readers should remember when the man in the family begged for his life at Marineford.

Akainu used his Logia Devil Fruit to dissolve his subordinate right after he expressed his wish to return to his wife and children. If @sandman_AP is right about Akainu having a daughter, then he is even more sick and twisted. He killed the man even though he knew he also had a family.

Hibari could end up being a pretty important character after One Piece chapter 1061. However, this possibility depends on this whole theory that could be debunked in the near future. It’s still interesting to know that Hibari is the only character in the series who uses Akainu’s way of speaking.

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