Nisha Grewal IAS Biography : Cleared UPSC At The Age Of 23

Nisha Grewal IAS Biography : A 23-year-old girl who cracked UPSC in the first attempt, knows the story of success

The dreams of thousands of candidates are coming true at the Civil Services Examination held annually by the Union Public Service Commission. Every year many aspirants achieve success after hard work. (Nisha Grewal IAS Biography)

Many aspirants have a story or other inspiring story of success and even the implementation of IAS PCS. Whenever a daughter reaches a high position in India, it is a matter of national fame.

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In a male-dominated country, ways of advancement and empowerment of girls are practiced. In such a situation, along with the family, the community also encourages girls. (Nisha Grewal IAS Biography)

Nisha Grewal IAS Biography

Nisha Grewal IAS Biography

This year, after the release of the UPSC 2020 result, many girls’ dreams came true. One of them is a topper, Nisha Grewal.

Nisha Grewal, who lives in a small town in Bhiwani district in Haryana, won 51st place in the 2020 UPSC exams.

Let us know the story of Nisha Grewal passing the Civil Services Exam.

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Who is Nisha Grewal IAS?

Nisha Grewal got AIR 51 in the UPSC 2020 exams. Nisha is from Haryana. There she was born in the village of Bhiwani. Nisha’s father works in the electricity department. Although her mother is a stay-at-home mom.

Nisha Grewal IAS Education

Nisha Grewal IAS

Nisha Grewal IAS

Speaking on IAS education Nisha Grewal IAS, after successfully passing 12 exams, graduated from Delhi University. She holds a BA Honors degree in Political Science. After this Nisha Grewal began preparing to join the management service.

Two classes at the same time

Dada Ramphal was so determined to make Nisha successful that she often taught her one class in advance each year.

The result of studying two classes in one year was the breadth of Nisha’s understanding. If she was taught any lessons, she would get it right away. Nisha did her BA in 2019 at Miranda House Women’s College, University of Delhi.

Teacher Duck supported

Her grandfather also played a key role in Nisha’s success. Nisha’s grandfather’s name is Ramphal Grewal and he is a teacher by profession.

He has been very supportive of Nisha in her UPSC programs. He was helping Nisha with her studies.

Nisha Grewal UPSC

According to the report, Nisha took the help of the NCERT books on the UPSC exams and strengthened her foundation with them.

Then prepare the IAS in standard books. Not only that, Nisha also took online help in her studies. Online content was also collected and updated. Nisha studied about eight to nine hours a day.

She passed the IAS test in the first attempt

The success of Nisha Grewal is also unique as she is only 23 years old and in her first attempt, she not only passed the Civil Services Examination 2020 but also won 51st place.


Desire to work in the advancement of women

Nisha said that two years ago, my brother Vikram Grewal of his family also won the 51st position in the UPSC. You are currently IFS.

But I would love to work on the advancement of women by becoming an IAS. He said if the family had not supported him he would not have reached this point today. That is why it is so important to bring girls forward.

She said he was great – today my hard work was a success

Dada Ramphal said she started preparing for Nisha from an early age. He too worked hard. There was one fear that if she did not succeed his job would be ruined. But by passing the UPSC exam today, you proved that my efforts did not go unnoticed.

Take lessons if needed

Nisha said if you feel that the lesson is weak while preparing it there should be no doubt. Feel free to get an education for that course.

No information other than Guru. Therefore, whenever you feel the need to study anywhere, it should be taken. Nisha said she graduated in 2019. After that she took time to study and after that she prepared herself at home.

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