Nina Kosaka Graduation from Nijisanji English: Who is Nina Kosaka?

Nina Kosaka

Nina Kosaka gave a huge shocking statement. Nijisanji’s popular Fox Goddess vlogger, Nina Kosaka, has confirmed that her VOD (Video on Demand) will not be removed until she retires in 2023. Her channel and its content will be accessible for several months after her departure, even if not all her streams will be saved.

Her devoted fans were reassured by the news as they feared losing access to her charming and engaging films. The news of Nina Kosaka graduating from Nijisanji on July 8, 2023 was released on June 26, 2023. She reflected on her time at the agency, calling it “humbling”. Her performances left a lasting impression on her audience, and for many devoted followers, her departure signals the end of an era.

Nina Kosaka

Who is Nina Kosaka?

Although Nina Kosaka’s decision to graduate from Nijisanji is undoubtedly a major career milestone, she recognizes the importance of preserving the content she has created over the years. She’s making sure her fans can relive their favorite moments and cherish the experiences they had with her by making her VODs available for a limited time.

However, it should be noted that not all of Nina Kosaka’s broadcasts will be accessible forever. Due to copyright concerns or other factors, some of her works will not survive the move. Despite this, her loyal following finds comfort in the knowledge that a significant number of her films will be saved

Nina Kosaka talked about her VODs as well as what will happen to her YouTube channel and social media pages. She revealed that after her departure, the site will become private, limiting access to her work. It’s important to respect her decision to manage the accessibility of her content, even if some admirers who want to return to her videos in the future may be disappointed by this choice. In the Vtuber community, the news of Nina Kosak’s graduation caused many feelings. Follow:

Nina Koska’s graduation from Nijisanji English

Many of her admirers thanked her for the happiness and fun she brought to their lives. Social media flooded with words of encouragement and gratitude, reminiscing about the fun times they had with her when she was a student at Nijisanji. Fans are excited to see what Nina Kosaka does next as she begins a new chapter in her career. Although her passing was heartbreaking, they are still optimistic about the possibilities that await their beloved Vtuber Fox Goddess.


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