Namita Sharma : 6 Times FAILED In UPSC | Now Became IAS

Meet Namita Sharma, who failed five times in UPSC, how she became IAS even after failure and her biography


Every year lakhs of candidates appear for the exam to get into the administrative service of India. To dream of becoming an IAS, they work hard to pass the exam, but only a few candidates get success.

Although some candidates keep trying. Next year again give the exam with more preparation. Similarly, a girl had also dreamed of becoming an IAS. 

SHe even quit his job to make his dream come true. Took UPSC exam but could not pass pre exam also. Tried again, but was disappointed.

The third time again appeared in the exam with more preparation but failed once again. Not one or two or three, but five times this girl failed.

When people lose hope after failing again and again, this girl made her dream of becoming an IAS obsession and in the end the victory was of passion, dreams and passion.

This story of struggle is of IAS Namita Sharma. Let’s know who is IAS Namita Sharma, who climbed the ladder of success after failing five times.


Who is Namita Sharma

Namita Sharma is a resident of Delhi. Namita’s father is an Assistant Sub Inspector in Delhi Police and mother is a housewife. Apart from the parents in Namita’s family, there is also a brother.

The family always encouraged Namita. Namita’s early education was completed in Delhi itself, after which she did her B.Tech from Delhi’s IP University and got an engineering degree.

Namita got a job in the campus selection. After which he started working in IBM.

Leave the job of engineer and prepare for UPSC

But Namita was not satisfied with her job. SHe had to go to the administrative service. So after working in Mumbai for two years, she decided to quit his job and prepare for UPSC.

But Namita’s destination was not easy. Namita failed in the pre exam four times in a row. Even after this, Namita kept her spirits up.

Failed five times in UPSC exam

For the fifth time, Namita again took the UPSC exam and this time reached the interview round. But if her name did not figure in the final list, she was again disappointed.

It can only be the determination or passion of a person that even after repeated defeats, she does not give up with his heart. She took the exam once again and this time Namita secured All India Rank 145 and finally her dream of becoming an IAS officer was fulfilled.

Namita SHARMA ias

Namita Sharma IAS Biography

Namita Sharma wrote UPSC Prelims 6 times. She qualified twice. He first qualified in the year 2017 and then in the year 2018.

She had qualified in the main round in both the attempts, but did not get the recommended marks in the year 2017.

The following year, in 2018, his fortunes had changed. In his sixth attempt and second attempt of the final round, he made it.

Her current posting is as Tax Assistant in Central GST. She has also previously worked as a software engineer at IBM. She is an engineer by graduation.

Journey of IAS Namita Sharma

Namita Sharma’s IAS journey started right after graduation but her initial efforts were not successful. She says that she had no idea about the exam till her fourth attempt.

In his fourth attempt, he tried hard but in the wrong direction. She finally cleared the prelims round in her 5th attempt and failed the overall marking by a very small margin.

Learning from mistakes is very important and thus it finally changed the fortunes of Namita Sharma.


Namita Sharma marksheet

Her only attempt in which he succeeded in all respects was his sixth attempt. She secured 145th rank.

Now let’s have a look at the marksheet of Namita Sharma for those two years who cleared the exam.

event 2017 2018

Main Exam 817 852
Interview Round 179 157
Total Marks 996 1009

These marks show a very small difference but the smallest difference can make a huge difference in the life of an IAS aspirant.

The difference of 13 marks not only helped her to clear the exam but also helped in securing a better rank. Namita Sharma’s family was very supportive throughout.


Namita Sharma Strategy

You might wonder what strategy he adopted despite failing 5 times. Remember that failure is a step to gain knowledge and knowledge is a success. So let’s have a look at Namita Sharma’s strategy which she used in her last attempt.

Keep revising, revising and revising for the exam. Revision is very important for the exam. This will also increase your confidence in the exam.

There is no option to modify the exam. Keep revising thoroughly and make sure you are updated with the current affairs.

Revision tests, full tests and sectional tests are very useful. If you don’t want to give sectional tests then use revision tests.

These will help you see your weakness and can help you overcome these weaknesses.

Focus on reading the map and revising factual information every day. Try to spend at least 15 minutes to increase your score.

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Alternative strategy

Namita’s optional subject was Sociology. Let’s look at some tips for Sociology exam.

Use NCERT Textbooks to get the most detailed and basic information on the subject. They are also available online for free. So use them along with other resources.

Essential Sociology by Nitin Sangwan is one such book which is very good for sociology. The book can help the students to cover the syllabus in a short form.

Previous year papers are going to be your best friend for the exam. Practice at least 10 past exam papers, so that you can understand the line of the question and also learn how to answer accordingly.

These papers will also help you to test your ability and know how well your preparation is going.


Failing in the civil services exam is not something that candidates want to do, although it is very common. Failing means the end of the line for many students, but in reality this is far from the truth.

Failure is a part of success and an integral part of life. This article serves as the biography of IAS Namita Sharma, who passed UPSC exam in her sixth attempt and secured 145 rank. She never gave up and kept working on her failures.

She didn’t think about what society thought of him or his age; She kept trying until she reached her goal. Her never-give-up attitude is something that all students should aspire to.