Metro Boomin Shared That His Phone Was Hacked, And The Hacker Tried To Order $23,000 Worth Of Balenciaga Products

Metro Boomin

If Young Metro don’t trust you — well, you know how the tagline goes. And it looks like superstar producer Metro Boomin might have a new opp to look out for.

Metro Boomin

Over the past few days, fans of Metro noticed that he hadn’t shared his daily “Thank God for the day!” tweet, until today.

Many assumed he was still riding the high of his joint album We Don’t Trust You, featuring Future. But he explained that there was something more sinister at play.

“It all started 2 days before the album dropped and all these 416 numbers would call me back 2 back a million times,” said Metro in the beginning of a series of tweets. “It got so bad I had to keep my phone on airplane mode.”

The tweet included a screenshot of several phone calls from different numbers, however, each of them were from the 416 area code — an area code from Toronto, Canada.

“I woke up 2 days after the album dropped,” Metro continued, “with my phone saying I was signed out of iCloud and I no longer had service on my phone.”

It would appear that Metro’s phone was hacked. And evidently, the hacker had some expensive taste.


“I eventually got an email from my Balenciaga rep asking me about an order I had placed and was confused af,” he said.

Thankfully, no orders actually went through. Metro’s contact at Balenciaga came through with screenshots, revealing that the hacker attempted to order some bags and some gaudy boots.

“I would never order these freaky ass boots,” said Metro.

The screenshots show that the hacker attempted to order the products to be delivered to Houston. Meanwhile, Metro has been in Atlanta with his family as these conversations are taking place. Additionally, the hacker attempted to order Chanel products from Balenciaga, which the Balenciaga rep immediately caught.

None of the hackers orders actually processed, as the Balenciaga rep couldn’t be duped. And, the hacker didn’t have Metro’s CVV number.

Nevertheless, Metro is unbothered and too busy reaping the fruits of his labor.

“#1 album. #1 song. It’s nothing like me to focus and attempt to thrive off negativity vs these blessings while I’m living through one of the biggest moments of my career thus far,” Metro said. Follow:


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