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Manoj Sharma IPS : Failed In 12th | Drove Tempo | Slept With Beggar

The story of Manoj Sharma IPS is no less than the film, failed 12th, drove tempo, slept with beggars; Finally got success in UPSC by working hard

Manoj Sharma IPS

Story of Manoj Sharma IPS

While preparing for UPSC in Delhi, he also took up a dog walking job. For this he used to get four hundred rupees.

With which Manoj used to make his living. During this time he appeared for UPSC exam thrice. But failed all three times.

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has recently declared the final result of Civil Services Exam 2020.

While a total of 761 candidates got success in this examination, lakhs of candidates were disappointed. Many candidates lose their morale when they fail in the exam and they start feeling weak.

Manoj Sharma IPS

But today we will tell you the story of an IPS officer who did not let failure dominate him. Even after failing 12th, he passed the UPSC exam.

Not only this, he also ran tempo during UPSC preparation and spent the night sleeping with beggars.

The story of 2005 batch IPS Manoj Sharma passing UPSC is no less than a film. Manoj Sharma, originally from Madhya Pradesh, passed the ninth and 10th examinations from the third division.

But he failed in the 12th examination. After failing in the 12th examination, he started driving an auto along with his brother.


While driving an auto, an incident happened to him which inspired him to prepare for UPSC.

Actually, while driving the auto, the policeman caught Manoj Sharma’s auto. After which he came to know that the auto can be rescued by talking to the SDM. For this he went to the SDM.

But they could not ask the SDM to get rid of the auto. But he asked the SDM how preparations can be made to become an SDM. It was only after this that his mind became obsessed with becoming SDM.

He came to Gwalior to prepare for the SDM exam. Due to lack of money in Gwalior, he used to sleep with beggars in the temple. Not only this, he also worked in a library in Gwalior to meet his expenses.

During this time he read many thinkers. After reading the thinkers, he felt that preparation for a bigger exam can be done than SDM. After that he started preparing for UPSC.

Manoj Sharma IPS

For this he came to Delhi. While preparing for UPSC in Delhi, he also took up a dog walking job. For this he used to get four hundred rupees.

With which Manoj used to make his living. During this time he appeared for UPSC exam thrice. He failed all three times but in the fourth attempt he got 121 rank and he became an IPS officer.

Presently Manoj Sharma is posted as Additional Commissioner of Mumbai Police. During UPSC preparation, he got a lot of support from his wife Shraddha, who was earlier his girlfriend.

His wife Shraddha is also an officer of the Indian Revenue Service.

Told girlfriend – yes, do it, I will turn the world … this person has become an IPS

The story of IPS Manoj Sharma from Maharashtra cadre is an example for every youth of this country.

Last month, his own colleague Anurag Pathak has written a book on him. In this book titled ’12th Fail, Hara Wahi Jo Lada Nahi’, every struggle of Manoj Sharma’s life is recorded which breaks a common man.

But Manoj Sharma took such a U turn on a promise of his girlfriend that he became an IPS. Let’s know- the success story of Manoj Sharma.


Let us tell you that Manoj Sharma is IPS from Maharashtra cadre of 2005 batch. He is currently posted as Additional Commissioner of West Region in Mumbai.

His childhood story is full of struggle. He was born in Morena district of Madhya Pradesh. During his studies, he had passed in the third division in ninth, tenth and 11th.

It is said that he also passed by copying till 11th. Then failed in 12th also because copying could not be done.

In a video interview, he told that we had decided that we will pass in 12th by copying. We knew where to keep the guide, where to hide the slip.

Thought that after passing 12th, after learning typing, you will get a job somewhere. Where to make a living. But the SDM of the area did not allow copying by targeting the school.

That’s when I thought who is such a big man who is so powerful that everyone is accepting it. Then I felt that now I have to become so powerful.

He further explains that after failing in 12th, my brother and I used to drive tempo for livelihood. There one day our tempo got caught, so I thought that we can get rid of it by asking the SDM.

When I went to him, I wanted to talk about getting the tempo released, but could not say it. Just asked him only how did you prepare.

I did not even tell him that I have failed in 12th. I have decided in my mind that now I will do this.

In just a few days, he came to Gwalior with a bag from his house. Due to lack of money and expenses here, I used to sleep with the beggars of the temple.

Then there came a time when I did not even have food to eat. But luckily, the work of a librarian cum peon was found here.

When there were meetings of poets or scholars, I used to do the work of laying beds and drinking water for them.

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Reading Gorky and Abraham Lincoln here in the library, I used to wonder why we can’t be like them. Here I came to know about a poet like Muktibodh.

Then I started preparing. Thought that to become SDM only. But gradually the preparation started going to the higher level.

He says that but the mark of 12th failure did not leave me behind. Even the girl he loved could not speak his heart to him because it seemed that he should not say that 12th failed. So started studying.

Did dog walk

He somehow struggled to reach Delhi. Even after coming here, money was needed, so got the job of walking dogs in big houses.

There the cost of Rs 400 per dog was available. My Sir Vikas Divyakirti gave admission without fees. Pre was fired in the first attempt. But due to falling in love in the second, third attempt, it did not happen in Pre.

When I was able to take out the pre in the fourth time, then went to give the mains, I had to write an essay on tourism for number 100, wrote an essay on terrorism.

The reason for this was that English was very weak.

Then life took a U turn

He tells that I told the girl I loved that if you do yes, join me then I can turn the world, in this way after winning in love, I started studying and became IPS in the fourth attempt. .


Anurag Pathak, who wrote a book on Manoj Sharma, said in an interview that today it is very important for the youth to know his story, because in today’s time when children are unable to pass, they go into doubt.

The purpose behind writing this has been to inspire them. Manoj Sharma says that how the youth are preparing in Mukherjee Nagar in Delhi, even in that environment, disappointment comes many times.