Shocking ! Kamal Haasan Said This After Covid-19 Test

Actor and politician Kamal Haasan infected by corona and is hospitalized

Kamal Haasan Covid-19 Positive

Actor and politician Kamal Haasan has been diagnosed with corona. The actor, who recently returned from a trip to America, told his fans about this on social media.

He wrote on his Twitter handle that after returning from America, I had a slight cough. When I was diagnosed, I was diagnosed with corona. I live alone in a hospital.

Kamal Haasan is now cured. The actor warned fans when he informed them he had a corona and said the epidemic was not over.

Kamal Haasan

Kamal was treated at a private hospital in Chennai. In early January this year he had to be admitted to hospital. Then there was the complaint of infection in the right leg bone, as a result of which he had to undergo surgery.

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Significantly, during his visit, Kamal had interviews with his North American-based supporters in Chicago on November 15.

Who informed him about his plans so far and plans for the future. The MNM chief once congratulated her on supporting the own country even though he was abroad for work. Haasan had returned home a few days earlier.

The MNM chief also visited flood-prone areas here before his foreign trip and distributed social assistance on behalf of his team to the affected people.

Kamal Haasan Instagram

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