Kajal Bhatt IFS : Slammed Pakistan On Kashmir Issue At United Nations

United Nations: Kajal Bhatt IFS Slammed Pakistan On Kashmir Issue and Terrorism At United Nations

Kajal Bhatt IFS

India has stated in the Sixth Committee of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly that Pakistan is a major cause and supporter of the spread of terrorism, which seeks to make us its victims.

What India Said About Pakistan At United Nations?

Kajal Bhatt IFS

India has once again criticized Pakistan for raising the Kashmir issue again at the United Nations.

India has told the Sixth Committee of the 76th session of the United Nations that Pakistan is a major culprit and supporter of the spread of terrorism, making itself its victim.

During the session, Counselor / Legal Adviser Dr. Kajal Bhatt said Pakistan had once again misused the prestigious forum to spread its lies.

Dr Kajal Bhat said at the event that all member states must meet their obligations set out in international anti-terrorism tools and conventions.

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India’s strong reaction comes after Pakistan’s UN ambassador to UN Munir Akram again raised the issue of Kashmir at a Sixth Committee meeting and made baseless allegations about India in his remarks.

India’s Reply On Kashmir Issue At United Nations

Jammu and Kashmir are part of India and will continue: Drs. Bhatt
Drs. Kajal Bhatt, while responding to UN Pakistan envoy Munir Akram raising the Kashmir issue again at a Sixth Committee meeting, said Jammu and Kashmir were part of India and would remain part of India.

If you are trying to create chaos here with terrorism, then our army can give you the answer. Bhatt said we call on Pakistan to end the atrocities committed against Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and a few others in their country.

Kajal Bhatt IFS Replied On Terrorism

Bhatt said terrorism continues worldwide, spreading to new areas, where terrorists have access to new and emerging technologies such as drones, virtual currency and hidden communications in order to further their aims and commit crimes. Your skills have greatly increased.

CCIT’s effectiveness in controlling terrorism: Drs. Kajal Bhatt
At a meeting of the United Nations (Sixth) Committee on the United Nations, she said that India was developing a CCIT framework to provide a comprehensive legal framework for counter-terrorism. We firmly believe that the United Nations needs to do more in this way.

India is heavily affected by cross-border terrorism: Tirumurti

India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations TS Tirumurti, referring to Pakistan, said India had been attacked for decades by terrorist groups using illegal weapons smuggled across the border.

He called on the international community to condemn the perpetrators of these terrorist activities. He drew the public’s attention to a meeting of the Security Council on ‘Small Arms and Light’.

It is very frightening and deadly to have these weapons in the hands of terrorists, who use them to target women, children and innocent people, Tirumurti said. For decades my country has been plagued by cross-border terrorism and violence.

Now arms smuggling is done with drones. “The increase in the number and level of weapons purchased by these terrorist organizations shows that they cannot afford them without the help or support of any country,” Tirumurti said.

No more help to be given to Pakistan: Former US NSA

Former United States General NSA HR McMaster said Pakistan has long held ladders with both hands. He advised members of Parliament that now Islamabad should not be offered any new aid.

Giving evidence to the US Parliamentary Committee on Afghanistan, he said, “We need Pakistan to arrest the Prime Minister for his speech after the Taliban captured Kabul.” “I don’t think we should give any help to Pakistan,” McMaster said. I think Pakistan has used the opportunity in every way for a very long time.


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