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Jania Meshell Boyfriend, Biography, Wiki, Age, Parents, Height, Net Worth

Jania Meshell Boyfriend, Biography, Wiki, Age, Parents :- Jania Meshell is a famous figure in the community. She is a popular American model, promoter, media personality, and YouTuber from Houston, Texas, USA.

She is a very popular model, but she is famous for dating the young rapper NBA Playboy despite her amazing and attractive photos. Jania is not a model but a businesswoman and owner of a website under the name She sells a variety of cosmetic products, including lip gloss, eyelashes and much more. Also read about Sally Kellerman Death Cause.

Jania Meshell Biography And Wiki

  • Name: Jania Meshell
  • Birth Date: 11th January 2000
  • Birth Place: Houston, Texas
  • Age: 22 Years Old
  • Height: 5 feet and 6.5 inches
  • Net Worth: $ 1.5 Million
  • Profession: American model, influencer, media personality, and YouTuber
  • School: Local high school
  • Marital Status: In Relationship
  • Past Relationship: NBA Youngboy
  • Children: Kacey Alexander Gaulden(2018)
  • Current Boyfriend: Dejounte Murray(2019)
  • Nationality: American

Who is Jania Meshell?

Jania Meshell is a famous American model and promoter of social media. Jania became more interested in modeling and influencing social media, which made her very successful and popular today. She is one of the most popular models and promoters of social media in America today, appearing frequently on social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. She has got thousands of viewers on many sites and Jania says the love and support she gets from people forces her to continue doing her work.

Jania Meshell Early Life

Jania Meshell was born Jania Meshell was born and raised in Houston, Texas, with her parents. There is no such information about his parents as she wants to keep to himself. We know she comes from a mixed ethnicity as her grandmother was white and her grandfather was black and lived in Texas. Her parents also live in Houston, Texas itself.

She mainly lives with her mother and is very close to her. There should also be one child for her parents. Jania Meshell completed her elementary school education at a local high school in her hometown of Houston, Texas. She was later admitted to a private college in Texas and graduated there.

Jania Meshell Career

Meshell began her amateur modeling career at the age of 14. She also appeared in the XXL magazine campaign, Freshmen Class in 2018. In addition, the model often shares attractive posts on her social media posts, especially on her Instagram.

Is a Brand Ambassador of ‘Fashion Nova’

If you have good followers on social media, different companies and companies will come to you to advertise their products. Jania, who has + 2.9 million followers on Instagram has approved several brands. Currently, Meshell works as a product ambassador for a popular online women’s fashion store, Fashion Nova.

Runs Self-Titled YouTube channel

For the past few years, many young stars have entered the YouTube scene professionally. Jania Meshell is one of them. To date, the lady has won 673k subscribers to the channel she owns. Jania often posts her videos on the channel, some of which are titled ‘I HAVE A SECRET TATTOO’, ‘I ALMOST DIE’, and ‘UNTOLD CONFESSIONS’ as well.

In addition, Meshell runs her own fashion line, which includes eyebrows, hair shampoo, lip gloss, and more. It also has an Instagram account with thousands of followers.

Jania Meshell Personal Life

Jania Meshell is single. Social media star Jania Meshell, 21, was previously in love with her ex-boyfriend, NBA Youngboy, a rap artist. The couple never disclosed when they first crossed paths and how it all began.

But, their relationship became a hot topic in the media when the rapper was caught on camera, beating his girlfriend in a hotel room, in Waycross, Georgia. In TMZ-surveyed photos, the rapper was seen throwing his girlfriend painfully on the floor of a hotel.

A few hours after the incident, the NBA Youngboy was arrested in Tallahassee on charges of kidnapping and other alleged crimes. Aside from the violent moment captured by the camera, YoungBoy’s girlfriend Jania told them they had just engaged in horseplay.

Jania Meshell Boyfriend

She also never appeared in court until the case was finalized in December 2019. NBA Youngster scored a plea deal instead of a jail teaml. The court sentenced him to 12 months probation and fined him $ 1,500.

Meshell has a child, Kacey Alexander Gaulden and his ex-girlfriend Youngboy. She gave birth to a baby boy in late 2018. The NBA Youngboy was not allowed to visit his ex-girlfriend and their child after the rapper was charged with assault. However, Youngboy was able to reunite with his son after his contract of persuasion in 2019.

According to some official online sources, shortly after her breakup with her former beauty, she continued with her new boyfriend reportedly Dejounte Murray, a San Antonio Spurs player. Their romantic rumors surfaced after the two usually appeared together in 2019.

Jania Meshell Net Worth

Jania Meshell has a net worth of $ 1.5 million USD. Jania Meshell is a famous model, social media personality, and fashion and lifestyle earner earning a living from her role as a model, presenter, and infuncer.

She has long worked in this genre and is equally famous for her work. Most of her wealth is limited to the modeling and paid contracts she signs with various brands. She also signed modeling contracts with top brands such as Fashion Nova.

Social Media Appearance

Jania Meshell launched her Instagram in 2018, but was working on the site in 2019 only. Her Instagram handle says @janiameshell.

Her provocative, attractive, and eye-catching posts add to her modeling needs. Most of her posts became more than 150k in a few days.

Jania is now a significant influencer with over 3.1 million followers on Instagram. On April 1, 2019, she launched her website, Jania Meshell’s Lash, and sells a wide range of women’s cosmo products ranging from lashes to bonnets. She also announced that she has a modeling contract with major brands such as Fashion Nova. In addition, she has more than 610 thousand followers on her Twitter handle.

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