Sneha Dubey Biography Who Scolded Pakistan In UN

Sneha Dubey Biography Who Scolded Pakistan In UN

SNEHA DUBEY biography: Who is India’s officer Sneha Dubey, who strongly scolded Pakistan in the UN!

Sneha Dubey Biography

A name started trending on Twitter from the morning of 25 September. Sneha Dubey Sneha is India’s first secretary in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

She has strongly reprimanded Pakistan for raising the rage of Kashmir and inciting terrorism. SHe said in the UN that Pakistan has a long history of supporting terrorists.

Raising the issue of Kashmir in the UN on behalf of Pakistan, wrong statements were made against India.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan alleged that human rights are being violated in Kashmir and the BJP government is creating an atmosphere of fear against Muslims. Imran said –

“The UN Security Council resolution states that the disputed area will be resolved by a referendum under the supervision of the UN.

Sneha dubey

India is also violating human rights in Kashmir. I’m sorry that the world’s stance on this is discriminatory.”

On this, Sneha said using the right to reply that – “This is not the first time that the leader of Pakistan has used a platform like UN to spread false and malicious propaganda against my country.

Pakistani leaders are trying to divert the world’s attention from the sad state of their country, where terrorists roam freely. Whereas common citizens, especially people from minority communities are subjected to atrocities.

Sneha said that many countries are aware that Pakistan has a long history of providing shelter and support to terrorists. That is their policy. They said that –

“Jammu and Kashmir and the whole of Ladakh were, are, and will remain an integral and inseparable part of India.

It also includes those areas which are under illegal occupation of Pakistan.

We appeal to Pakistan to immediately vacate all areas under its illegal occupation.”

Sneha said that Pakistan sets itself on fire, then presents itself as a fire brigade. The threat with which he spoke in the UN is being highly praised.

On Twitter, users wrote that they have made the country feel proud.

People wrote that to answer Pakistan, what if the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister, our diplomats are enough.

Sneha Dubey is a 2012 batch woman officer. He got success in UPSC in the first attempt itself. Earlier, he did his early studies in Goa.

Then studied at Fergusson College, Pune. MA and MPhil from Jawaharlal Nehru University. After selection in UPSC, due to interest in international affairs, Sneha decided to join the Indian Foreign Service.

No one has been in the civil services before from his home. After becoming IFS, he was appointed in the Ministry of External Affairs and after that, in 2014 he was also sent to the Indian Embassy, ​​Madrid.

Earlier in 2017, India’s first secretary Eenam Gambhir had also reprimanded Pakistan in the UN on the issue of terrorism.

Then Eenam’s speech also made a lot of headlines. Inam had even called Pakistan ‘Terroristan’.

Sneha dubey biography

What is the Jamshedpur connection of Sneha Dubey, who gave a befitting reply to Imran Khan? (Sneha Dubey Jamshedpur)

After Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan’s address in the United Nations, the befitting reply given by India under Right to Reply is making headlines all over the country.

After Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan’s address in the United Nations, the befitting reply given by India under Right to Reply is making headlines all over the country.

While responding to the speech of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, India’s first woman secretary at the United Nations, Jamshedpur-born IFS officer Sneha Dubey responded to this.

In her reply, Sneha Dubey, a 2012 batch IFS officer, put the Pakistan PM in the dock, saying that she has tried to bring India’s internal affairs on the world stage and tarnish India’s image by spreading lies.

Pakistan is the only country where terrorists are free. He sponsors terrorism from behind to harass his neighbours.

It gives freedom to terrorists in the hope that they will only harm their neighbours. Our region and the whole world have suffered due to these policies.

Sneha Dubey’s childhood was spent in Jamshedpur Sneha Dubey’s childhood was spent in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. Sneha Dubey was born in the city of Jamshedpur.

His father JP Dubey was working as an engineer in the cable company of the city. His family lived in Cable Town. But after the sudden closure of the company in the year 2000, Sneha Dubey’s entire family moved to Goa.

There his father got a job in Finolex Cable Company. After which Sneha did her early education from there. His mother is a teacher in the school.


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