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IAS Suhas LY : Biography And Success Story


IAS Suhas LY : The full story of the struggle and success of DM Suhas LY reached Paralympics by defeating disability


IAS Suhas LY Biography

In the year 2020, when Noida, the most important industrial city of UP, was being badly damaged by Corona, people were dying of the epidemic, hospitals and government systems were succumbing to this epidemic, then a young IAS officer became a ray of hope. took command.

Ias Suhas LY

As soon as this 38-year-old young District Magistrate sat on the chair, he fulfilled his responsibilities in such a way that the central government also tied bridges of praise for his corona management.

The journey of Suhas LY, who is counted among the brightest IAS officers of the country, was not easy. Suhas, handicapped with the right leg, never cried for this weakness, but made this weakness his strength.

When Suhas lands in a badminton coat, even after a bad leg, the big players lose their sweat.

Who is IAS Suhas LY?

Born in the small town of Shigoma in Karnataka, Suhas LY has written his destiny with his own hands. Suhas, who was handicapped since birth, did not want to become an IAS from the beginning. Since childhood, he was very interested in sports.

He got a lot of support from his father and family. The legs were not fully fit, so the taunts of the society kept on hearing them, but the father and the family stood like a rock in front of those taunts and never let Suhas break his spirit.

Suhas’s father used to see him like a normal child. Suhas’ love of cricket is a gift from his father. The family never stopped him, Suhas played the game as he wished and his father always expected him to win.

Father’s job was transferable, which Suhas’s studies continued to move from city to city.

While his initial studies took place in the village, he completed his engineering in computer science from the National Institute of Technology in Suratkar city.

Heard the voice from inside

After computer engineering, like everyone else, Suhas also got a job in this company in Bangalore, but there was a lack within him.

During a conversation with OneIndia, Suhas said that a voice was coming from inside that something was missing.

He felt that his life was not complete. Time and again this problem was arising in the mind that if you did not do anything for the society in this life, then what did you do?

This shortcoming ended when he started preparing for UPSC. Suhas broke up after his father’s death in 2005. Suhas told that father had an important place in his life.

The loss of the father continued, his departure was a big blow for Suhas.

In the midst of this commotion, Suhas decided that now he has to join the civil service. Then leaving everything behind, he prepared for UPSC. His hard work and luck supported him.

During a conversation with OneIndia, Suhas also mentioned that we should do our work and leave the rest to the task.

If you want something from your heart and try for it, then the whole universe will try to make it happen to you.

The same thing happened, Suhas became an IAS officer from UP cadre in the year 2007 after getting success in first PT, then Mains and then interview.

The journey is not over, now it is the turn of the badminton

After passing the UPSC exam, he was posted in Agra. Then became the District Magistrate of Jaunpur, Sonbhadra, Azamgarh, Hathras, Maharajganj, Prayagraj and Gautam Budh Nagar. Suhas had become a government official.

He had the rank of a sharp officer, but where was he among those who stopped at this only. The game which he used to play as a hobby, now gradually became a necessity for him.

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Suhas used to play badminton to overcome his office fatigue, but when medals started coming in some competitions, then he started playing this professional way. In 2016, he started playing international matches.

Suhas lost his first match in the Badminton tournament played in China, but with this defeat he also got the winning formula.

Suhas told us during the conversation that during the game the whole game is of Mendel pressure, whoever crosses it wins the match.


IAS Suhas LY is a Hanuman devotee

Suhas LY believes in hard work as well as luck. His belief is in God. Whenever Suhas goes to play matches in the tournament, he keeps the idol of Lord Hanuman before landing in the coat. He says that having the idol of God gives him strength and confidence.
Source- abp news