Weight Gain : How To Gain Weight Naturally?

Weight Gain Food: 10 Natural Foods That Gain Weight, Will Get Rid Of Thinness

Weight gain

Weight Gain Tips:

If you want to gain weight in a healthy way, then definitely include these natural foods in the diet. These weight gain superfoods will help in making your body strong and healthy.

Weight Gain foods

Nowadays most people are troubled by obesity, but there are many people who are troubled by their lean and thin body.

What do thin and weak people do to gain weight. Being too thin is also a sign of an unhealthy body.

The immunity of thin people is very weak, due to which they become diseased quickly. There is a lack of confidence in many people due to their leanness.

They do not like their personality and do not like any clothes. In such a situation, many times embarrassment has to be faced.

To gain weight, you need to take a good diet. Such things should be included in the food, which will increase your weight in a healthy way.

Today we are telling you many such effective home remedies to become fat, which will start increasing your weight fast. Know which are the 10 foods that cause weight gain.

Home and ayurvedic remedies for weight gain

1. Banana

Weight gain

Eating banana daily helps in increasing weight. To get fat, you must eat about 3-4 bananas in a whole day.

You can drink banana shake for breakfast. To gain weight, consume banana with milk or 1 curd.

This leads to rapid weight gain. Banana is full of nutritious elements, which keep you energized throughout the day.

2. Milk


To increase weight, you must drink milk daily. If you want to gain weight quickly, then you can drink milk mixed with honey.

In Ayurveda, milk and honey are considered to be the medicine for obesity. You drink milk with honey in breakfast and before sleeping at night, it strengthens digestion.

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3. Dates, figs and almonds


For healthy weight gain, drink milk containing almonds, dates and figs daily. For this, boil 3-4 almonds, dates and figs in milk and boil them.

Now drink this milk every night before sleeping. This will help in increasing the weight and make the body strong.


4. Oats and porridge


You can also eat milk-oats or milk-porridge to gain weight. You can use full fat milk in this. Oats and porridge made in milk help in increasing weight. This gives strength to the body and increases weight.

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5. Raisins


Raisins (Kismis) also help in increasing weight. For this, soak about 10 grams of raisins in milk for a while. Boil milk before sleeping at night and drink this milk.

If you are not able to do this, then consume raisins with milk. This makes the body strong and also increases weight.

6. Soybean


Soybean is rich in protein, which makes the body strong. You can use soybeans for protein. Eating soybeans in breakfast leads to weight gain.

Apart from protein, other essential nutrients are also found in soybean, which keep your body fit.

7. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter

Nowadays people are also using peanut butter to gain weight. Gym trainers recommend the use of peanut butter to increase obesity.

Nutrients are found in abundance in peanut butter. You can eat it for breakfast with bread or toast. This will make it easier to gain weight.

8. Ghee


In the time of grandmother, people used to make their body strong and healthy by eating ghee. If you want to gain weight, then this is the oldest method you can adopt.

You can eat ghee and sugar in food. Calorie and fat are found in plenty in it, which helps in increasing weight.

9. Apple and Carrot


To get fat, you should eat apples and carrots. You grate an equal amount of apple and carrot. Now eat it after lunch. With this, your weight will start increasing within a few weeks.

10. Black gram

Black gram

To increase weight, you must consume gram. In fact, after soaking the gram, eating it, a good amount of protein reaches the body, which helps in increasing weight.

You must have seen gym goers or body builders often eating soaked gram. Chana is also very beneficial for your health.