Health tips for the winter | Special care for BP Patients

Health tips for the winter: Take special care of BP and heart patients in winter

Winter season is more caring for children, sick and old people. By the way, everyone likes winters. Wear warm clothes and go anywhere. The right fun of eating and drinking also comes in winter.

Our metabolic system is fast these days. If you want to enjoy winter to the fullest, then it is very important to be health conscious because health related problems increase in these days. (Health Tips For The Winter)

Health tips for the winter

Let’s know about some common health problems and how to protect yourself from them.

Health tips for the winter

Health Tips For The Winter

How to control BP in winter

In winter, blood pressure often increases slightly because people become careless in exercising and eating. By the way, the normal blood pressure of a healthy person is 120/80. (Health Tips For The Winter)

According to the doctor, if the blood pressure above is high, then it is a matter of concern. If your blood pressure remains from 100 to 70 then there is nothing to panic.

Symptoms of high blood pressure

– Dizziness.

– Feeling of heaviness and pain in the head.

– Shortness of breath especially when you climb stairs or do more work.

– Pain in hands and feet.

– Nervousness, lack of sleep, lethargy etc.

(Health Tips For The Winter)

How to control High BP

– Do regular exercise.

– Control the weight.

– Avoid smoking alcohol.

– Reduce the use of salt and sugar.

– Avoid foods made from rice, maida.

– Get your BP checked from time to time.

(Health Tips For The Winter)

Tips for heart patients in winter

In winter, the speed of blood supply in the veins decreases slightly, due to which the heart has to work harder. Older people are therefore more prone to heart attacks in winters, especially people with diabetes. (Health Tips For The Winter)

People with diabetes and older age are more prone to silent heart attacks. The person who has an attack due to this does not feel its symptoms clearly.

Such an attack is called a silent heart attack. In such attacks, the patient often dies before reaching the hospital.

Heart attack prevention tips and symptoms

As soon as there are symptoms of heart attack, call the doctor for emergency.

Chew a tablet of aspirin and drink some water.

If the patient has difficulty in breathing, then give him breath through the mouth at the same time.

If the patient has become unconscious, then press his chest within 10 minutes.

Control heart attack like this-

– Control obesity

– Mental control

– Keep your mental stress under control.

– In case of chest tightness and nervousness, take aspirin tablet.

– Do pranayama, yoga practice regularly.

– Keep the ears covered in winter so that cold air does not reach the ears. Applying cold air to the ears can increase the blood pressure. (Health Tips For The Winter)

How to control your blood pressure

– Take medicine regularly.

– Reduce the intake of excessive salt and fried foods.

– Avoid smoking.

– Don’t go out in too cold.

Home remedies for cough and cold

The changing weather has the greatest effect on the throat. It is common to have cough and cold due to this. If the cold is not cured in 3-4 days then it can become flu.

How to take care of health in winter

– Keep yourself completely protected from the cold.

– When the nose is closed, put Vicks or Liptus oil in hot water and take steam. Relief will come.

– Get in touch with the doctor.

– Gargle with warm salt water in the morning.

– Keep your ears and throat covered. Wear warm clothes and stay away from cold air.

– Avoid rice, curd, ice cream, cold drinks etc.

– Take milk with raw turmeric before sleeping at night.

– Make a decoction of domestic things and drink it by sip. Boil two cloves, two black peppercorns, small piece of ginger, 1 teaspoon tea leaves, 5-6 leaves of basil, 1 teaspoon sugar and drink it slowly. Keep in mind that after 1 to 2 hours do not consume water.

How to take care of arthritis patients in cold

Measures to control:-

– Irrigate hot water.

– Take painkillers as per doctor’s advice.

– Do not exercise when there is pain and swelling.

– Wear socks, keep knees covered too. Use a pain reliever cream. Do not walk when there is more pain, at least climb the stairs.

– Improve your eating habits.

– Sit in the sun for 40 minutes so that vitamin D deficiency is removed. Take vitamin D supplements as prescribed by the doctor.


How to take care of asthma disease in cold

There are two types of asthma, allergic and non allergic. Allergic asthma occurs only when a person comes in contact with something to which he is allergic.

Non-allergic asthma attacks are caused by excessive exercise, cold air, and infection in the breath.

Asthma patients how to survive in winter

– Stay away from dusty soil.

– Keep distance from pets.

– Do pranayama regularly, which can increase the capacity of the lungs.

– Do not smoke, keep distance from smokers.

– Keep using the inhaler in early asthma.

– In case of excess, contact the doctor immediately.

– Protect yourself from the cold.

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