What is black water and its benefits?


Black water ‘Evoque Black Alcohol Waters’ and know what are its benefits

What is black water?

Black water contains over 70 natural minerals, which give it a distinct black colour. In addition, it provides better hydration and detoxification, improves metabolism and concentration.

Black water is becoming very popular among fitness enthusiasts and even among sportspersons. It is said that it helps to stay hydrated and maintain a high pH level, which helps us to balance acidity. Experts believe that it is called energy drink, sports drink, fulvic drink, and natural alkaline drink.

Black water is a term that describes water containing fulvic acid (AAVA) and sometimes other minerals or vitamins.


How to get black color?

This water gets its black color due to natural minerals, which have been discovered by Nabart Chiraje, a well-known scientific doctor from Texas, USA. Dr Chitje has a PhD in Nutrition and is also a Health and Wellness and Leading Nutritionist and Consultant. We are Chief Mentor and Principal Scientist . He is also a member of the Board of V. Argonix.

The active ingredient of black water is fulvic acid, which, according to experts, has many health benefits. It improves gut health, has antioxidant properties, reduces inflammation, and is also beneficial against Alzheimer’s disease. It also helps in the prevention of allergic diseases and prolongs the duration of the paralytic reaction.


Black water


Where is black water available?

After its launch in India in Chandigarh, Pune and Vadodara, black water has been launched in Delhi NCR where the top product is available. It is also available on Amazon and Evocus brand websites. The cost of a 500 ml bottle is Rs 100.

These days, black water often adorns synapses of healthy drinks you try in your new workout session or as part of your wellness routine. For example, a trend that is slowly becoming popular among celebs is black water. Recently, Malaika Arora was seen carrying black water drink to her gym class, while Shruti Hassan said that she is very excited to try it.

Shruti said in her Instagram video, ‘I am very excited about this black water, but it turns out that this black water is rather its chariye water..it tastes exactly like water’.


Benefits of black water

# Are naturally alkaline with high pH. In such a situation, it protects against acidity caused by improper diet, unbalanced foods, wrong beverages. Its regular use does not cause acidity to the person.

# Nowadays our everyday diet contains unwanted and unhealthy pesticides and chemicals, whether the food is natural or processed. Apart from this, the level of toxins in our body also increases due to food packaging, air and water pollution. These toxins can cause many diseases and problems by reaching the cells of our body. The natural minerals present in this water help in breaking down these toxins present in the cells. Cleans the blood and protects us from its effects. In this case it gives the benefits of permanent detoxification.

# Minerals present in black water provide excellent and lasting hydration. It maintains a good level of hydration in the body as compared to normal water and gives more permanent hydration i.e. in today’s busy life, people can use this black colored water to stay hydrated for a long time.

# However, detoxification is extremely beneficial for human health. The natural minerals of black water enhance the absorption of nutrients present in the food. Due to this, whatever we eat or drink, it increases the better absorption in our body. This improves the metabolism in the body.

# In addition, the level of alertness in a person increases due to alkalinity, better hydration, detoxification and better metabolism. It is suitable for both youth and Vasco. Its regular use makes a person healthy and alert, but also reduces the chances of diseases.

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