Bhoot Police: How Fans Reacted After Watching The Bhoot Police Movie?


‘Bhoot Police’ Review: Saif’s strong work and tremendous comedy is the life of the story, but the film is weak in fear!

‘Stree’ gave Bollywood hope that in the horror-comedy genre, good money can be beaten if one tries. But ‘try’ is the most important word here. Did the ‘Bhoot Police’ succeed in this ‘attempt’?

Bhoot police review

Bhoot police Star Cast

Saif Ali Khan and Arjun Kapoor i.e. Vibhuti and Chironji are sons of the famous Tantrik Ulta Baba. After Baba’s departure, both are handling his business in their own way.

Vibhuti thinks that Baba was the master of jugaad-siddhi and this is his secret. Ghosts are nothing. He practices Jugaad Vidya, tries to earn money, watches the ‘Naagin’ serial, and reads ‘Playboy’ magazine.

His younger brother, Chironji, believes Baba’s teachings to be true, believes in ghosts, and practices the mantra siddhi. One day he wants to prove his Baba right by catching a real ghost.

Now our country is running based on superstition, that is why the business of both is going on very well. In Vibhuti’s eyes, the real butter opportunity comes with Yami Gautam i.e. Maya, who is maintaining her family’s T-Estate in Dharamsala, Himachal.

There is a ghost in the tea factory workers whose name is Kichkandi, so the work is going slow.

Maya reaches Vibhuti-Chironji because her father, unlike Baba, had controlled Kichkandi 25 years ago. Maya also has a sister – Kanika aka Jacqueline Fernandez, who dreams of settling in London and is a social media revolutionary.

Talking about writing the characters, the elements in Saif’s character are well written. Vibhuti captures the hidden reasons behind superstition, is colorful and Saif’s work in this is the film’s biggest strength.

Chironji is a typical son burdened with his father’s legacy and Arjun’s work here felt a little lighter after watching ‘Sandeep Aur Pinky Farrar.

Maya’s role is very small and Yami is rarely seen on screen. Kanika turned Jacqueline, looked rather funny and had some quirky dialogues. Amit Misri and Javed Jaffrey are also in the film. Though his roles are very small, Rajpal Yadav has a special appearance.

The horror part of the horror-comedy Bhoot Police is very faint. Director Pawan Kriplani distanced himself from the traditional jump-horror but could not make the ghostly moments strong.

The comedy part is a bit finer than this and has funny texts on Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao, ‘Queen of Kangra’ and ‘Nepotism’ ie Kangana Ranaut, but these punches don’t seem effortless.

If I tell the writing in short, then the line of ‘Stree’ with ‘Aadhaar-Link Hai’ is heavy on the whole ‘Bhoot Police’. Or maybe there was a lack of Pankaj Tripathi in this film.


The setting of Himachal looks good in the film. Chironji is the ‘ghost’s antenna’ and Vibhuti’s ‘ghost’s X-ray’ suggests that apart from being brothers, there is a bigger reason why both of them need to be together. This is a good angle for the sequel of ‘Bhoot Police’.

Overall, ‘Bhoot Police’ was a good film, which was slightly tarnished by the light writing and weak treatment. But the comedy side of the film is good enough for it to be seen once.

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