Comedian Bharti Singh Weight Loss Secrets

Bharti Singh Weight Loss : Comedian of 91 kg reduced his weight by 15 kg, you too can stay FIT with this trick of Bharti

Bharti Singh Weight Loss

Celebrity comedian Bharti Singh stands out for her weight. In this case it was not her tape but the physical transformation remained in the conversation. (Bharti Singh Weight loss)

It is difficult to recognize at once that she is the very Bharti with whom her weight is ridiculed. The comedy star dropped by 15 kgs, not just one or two. On this weight loss journey, Bharti followed a diet instead of turning to exercise and exercise. Know how to keep yourself fit by following them.

Bharti Singh Weight loss

Bharti Singh Weight loss

Have complete control over diet

– Bharti follows periodic fasting to lose weight.
– She eats nothing from 7:00 pm until 12 noon the next day.
– Eat dinner before 7pm.
– Eat at 12 noon.
– Exercise daily.

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Weight Loss Tips By Bharti Singh

To avoid things you like

Bharti, who loves food and drink, not only changed her eating habits to stay healthy but also avoided her own preferences. (Bharti Singh Weight loss)

During weight loss, she used to eat only 1 loaf of food at each meal. Apart from this, she used to take low-calorie snacks and liquid foods to alleviate hunger in the middle.

Bharti has eaten a lot of weight loss salad
Vegetables and fruits rich in dietary fiber are considered to be effective in weight loss. Bharti Singh also took their help.

Bharti used to eat a salad every day. In line with this, she often drank vegetable soup. She used to drink two cups of green tea a day to lose weight.

Food video posted

Recently, Bharti’s friend Jasmin Bhasin posted a video in which Bharti was seen decorating her dinner plate. Showing a plate full of rice, Bharti says, ‘Yeh I put on ghee’. I’m leaving Time, see what time I eat. ‘ Finally Jasmine says, ‘Four teaspoons of ghee, oil-greased potato curry and oily butter, this is the secret of Bharti’s weight loss.’ (Bharti Singh Weight loss)

People were surprised to see a new image

The comedian shared a lovely photo with her husband on Instagram. Bharti looks very thin in a shiny red dress, people are surprised to see it.

Husband Harsh was wearing a suit while crossing with Limbachiyaa. It was captioned with this picture – It’s stronger than ever. It is reported that previously her weight was 91, now her weight is less than 75. (Bharti Singh Weight loss)


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