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UPSC Success Story: Apala Mishra Got a record 215 marks in UPSC interview.

Mother gave the target, father used to say – it will happen, read the story of IAS officer Dr. Apala Mishra

Apala Mishra

Interview Of Apala Mishra

UPSC 2020 Topper: Dr. Apala Mishra, who lives in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, adjacent to the capital Delhi, has fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS by securing 9th rank in the UPSC examination.

She is the granddaughter of Hazari Prasad Dwivedi. At the same time, he has said many big things about his preparation and interview in a conversation with News18.

Dr. Apala Mishra, a resident of Ghaziabad, UP, adjacent to the national capital of the country, has fulfilled her dream of becoming an IAS by securing 9th rank in the UPSC exam (UPSC 2020 Result).

She is the niece of Acharya Hazari Prasad Dwivedi and daughter of Professor Alpana Mishra of the Hindi Faculty of Delhi University.

At the same time, his father has been a colonel in the army, while his brother is also serving the country as a Major.

Whereas Dr. Apala Mishra has said big things about his preparation and interview in a special conversation with News18.

Let us inform that this time Apala has secured a record 215 marks in his UPSC interview which lasted for 40 minutes.


Question- There is also an army in your story. First becoming a dental surgeon and then joining UPSC, how did it start?

Answer- When I was in final year in college. During this, one was watching the health sector very closely.

I thought that administrative sector is such an area where you can serve more people of the society, then I decided that the direction of UPSC should be chosen.

Question- What is the focus of UPSC interview?

Answer- This time the interview took place under the Covid protocol. People of UPSC board are very expert, knowledgeable. They want to talk to you and know how mature you are.

Apala Mishra

Question- What is the story of Apala’s struggle from Dentist to UPSC?

Answer- This was my third attempt. It took me three years. I failed too. However, self-doubt comes from failure, it is very important to overcome it.

Success comes as soon as the habit of learning and moving forward is developed.

Question- What happened to you because of being scared of failure?

Answer- We come from a medical background, where there was no one for UPSC guidance.

Gradually understood this test. The first two years were of disorientation and the third time was won.

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Question- How important is the distance from mobile for success?

Answer- No mobile phone for as long as you study, because you have to avoid distraction.

Question- How was the journey of preparation, studies and coaching?

Answer- I also took coaching, but it is necessary to be mentally prepared. Initially took coaching and then focused on self study. There should be balance in both.

Apala Mishra

Question- How many hours did you study?

Answer- I used to study for 7 to 8 hours, but the most important thing is your focus.

Question- The service is expanding. Did you sleep on the day of UPSC result?

Answer- To be honest, my sleep had disappeared. Whereas as an IAS priority it is necessary to focus on health.

Particular attention needs to be paid to the health of women.

Apala Mishra

Question- Where do you want to work?

Answer- I would like to do better wherever I get a chance.

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Question- What was the father’s reaction to the UPSC result?

Answer- I was in tension. When asked again and again, he would get the answer. Although my mother had pasted a sticker in which it was written about coming within 50 ranks.

Well this was the target for me from the very beginning.

Apala Mishra

Question- How do you see the change in lifestyle after becoming an officer? Is there any change likely to happen in Apala?

Answer- It is very important to maintain humility, because only then you can understand and understand the problems of people.

To have trust with the public, it is necessary to walk with the ideals. I will follow my ideals.

Question- What does Apala Mishra like?

Answer- I eat whatever I eat. If it’s a matter of taste, I like novels. Whereas Tuesdays With Morrie gives information about the novel life. Also love painting.

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Apala Mishra

Question- Any message for newcomers whose dreams match yours?

Answer- Have faith in yourself. With perseverance and hard work you can be successful. Confidence will lead to success.

Question- If the new kids want to talk to you then?

Answer- I am thinking about this. I think guidance is a big factor. I myself was standing on that path.

If someone guides you, then your hard work will become easy. I will do something on this soon.

Aapala mishra marksheet

apala mishra marksheet