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Adam Britton

Adam Britton Wikipedia, Ethnicity, Wiki, Biography, Career, Net Worth:- Adam Britton is a world renowned crocodile researcher and conservationist from United Kingdom. Big Gecko is a wildlife consulting company he runs with his wife, Erin. Over the years, their work has attracted prominent naturalists such as Sir David Attenborough and Steve Backshall. Adam Britton is a partner at Big Gecko specializing in crocodile management, teaching and training. He also works as a Senior Research Associate at Charles Darwin University (CDU) in Darwin, where he does significant research on crocodiles.

Dr. Britton has over 25 years of experience in the field and has been involved in various crocodile research and conservation projects. Smaug, their sea crocodile, is the main character of his work, he achieved fame in this area and even appeared in two horror films. Adam Britton was known for his active presence on social media where he constantly posted information about his crocodiles, property and media appearances. While his work life has been well known, it’s worth noting that an alarming post about his Swiss Shepherd Bolt’s first birthday in 2016 seems unrelated to his specialty.

Adam Britton

Who is Adam Britton?

Adam is a Senior Research Associate at Australia’s Charles Darwin University. He was identified as a serial rapist in the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory. He is also known to have physically abused more than 42 pets before his arrest in April 2022. He is also a partner in Big Gecko, a consultancy specializing in crocodile breeding, training and education. Erin Britton is Britton’s sister.

Adam Britton Age, Education, Biography

Adam Robert Corden Britton was born in 1971, so he will be 52 years old in 2023. He also knows a lot about crocodiles and dogs. Due to his ambiguous date of birth, his zodiac sign is not listed. Information about his school and college has not been released yet. His professional background is similarly unknown. In 1996, he received his Ph.D. on echolocation and fighting behavior of trawling insectivorous bats.

Adam Britton’s wife, children

Britton is a husband. Erin Britton is his wife’s name. He and his wife have formed based on their combined 16 years of expertise in wildlife consulting, research and wildlife videography, and we will update as more information becomes available.


Britton began his work soon after completing his studies. Adam first worked with Wildlife Management International as a Senior Research Fellow from March 1997 to March 2006. He has also worked as a naturalist and certified photography instructor with Lindblad Expeditions since July 2014.

Adam Britton Ethnicity, Nationality

Adam Britton’s ethnicity is not listed. His ancestors come from Australia. Follow:

Net Worth 

Adam Britton is a Senior Research Associate at Charles Darwin University in Australia. His net worth is estimated at $1 million.


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