What is My Morning Tea?

My Morning Tea is a english blogging website in which information is given on various person’s Life, Age, Wiki, Relationship, Net Worth. Our site is competing to be among the top 10 Biography Blogging Website. The work of collecting information on various subjects and conveying it to the readers is done by me and my team. I am graduates and post graduates in Zoology. All my team members are well educated. In My Morning Tea, information is written on topics related to Biography, Wiki, Family, Parents, Height, Net Worth of various personalities. On all these topics, my team work hard to give all the information by doing research and prepare the content according to the interest and desire of their readers. My blog has also played an interesting role in making a large amount of content available on the Internet in English language.

About Myself

Lucky yadav

Hi friends. My name is Lucky (Founder Of My Morning Tea) I am from Patna Bihar. I have done a Master in Zoology from Veer Kuanr Singh University. I have been fond of reading articles related to the life of great personalities since my childhood. I made this blog to share my experience with you. I am a full-time blogger currently.

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Why did I choose to blog?

However, as is the case in ordinary homes. After graduation, it was pressurized on me that I should also apply for any government job. I also prepared for it for a couple of years. But slowly I started to realize that it is not in my favor. As I told you, I have been fond of reading issues related to famous personalities, so I thought it right to choose this one. And I thought of starting a blog on it.

Varun Kumar

One of my friends also helps me in this. Who writes on Players, TV Personality Category. His name is Varun Kumar. He also has good knowledge about the relationship. We bring all these articles to you only after doing good research. He hails from Patna Bihar. He has graduated from Zoology.

Email:- varunsubodh@gmail.com

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