9 Tips To Care Cracked Lips In Winter

Cracked Lips : To keep the lips soft and moist in winter, apply these 9 habits to health

If your lips look soft and pink in winter, then there is light on the face, but usually not in winter. Lips are dry and crushed due to cold winds. In such a case, the lips need special care in winter.

If we inculcate certain values ​​in our lifestyle and pay special attention to food, then lips can remain soft. (Cracked Lips)

Not only this, it is also necessary special care for rubbing, nourishing and hydration of the lips. So, let us know how we can take care of our lips during the winter.

Reason For Dry Lips (Chapped Lips) In Winter

Cracked Lips

Lack of moisture on the lips is often related to the weather. In winter, dry, cold air causes dry skin. These cold winds can cause damage to soft skin like lips. Apart from this, it is also important to protect the lips from the sun in winter.

Excessive sun exposure and dehydration can dry out the lips. The skin of the lips is thin and soft. (Chapped Lips)

Cracked Lips Tips For Winter

In winter, the skin of the lips begins to look dry and cracked. In fact, the skin of the lips is more sensitive than other facial skin, which begins to lose moisture quickly when exposed to cold air. Because the lack of moisture on the lips increases and they begin to look dry.

If you are also suffering from such a problem, then you can make them softer and softer with special care. Because of this, you can also make them naturally pink with the help of home remedies, which will work to add beauty to your beauty.

Let us know how you can take care of your lips during the winter.

Pay special attention to your diet

If you pay attention to special diets during the winter, then your lips will always look soft and supple. To do this, eat those Vitamin A and B-rich foods. To do this, keep adding raw vegetables, milk, ghee, butter, fresh fruit and juices to your daily diet.

Drink plenty of water

By keeping your body hydrated, many of the problems associated with your skin go away on their own.

Dehydration is the main cause of cleft lip and palate. To avoid dry and cracked lips, you should drink at least 8 glasses of water daily even in winter.

Glycerin-Mate Lipstick

Glycerin is also suitable as a home remedy for dry skin and broken lips. Apply it on your lips and eyes. If your lips are dry, instead of using matte lipstick, apply a cream-rich lipstick.

Shea butter or Coconut Oil

Apply shea butter on the lips even during the day. It also has SPF structures. This provides nutrition to the lips.

Lubricate coconut oil regularly to prevent dryness and cracking of the lips in winter. Coconut oil can also be used in the navel to nourish the lips inside.

An anti-oxidant is also required

According to cosmetic specialist Aakriti Kochhar, lip balm containing vitamin E is a good source of anti-oxidant and keeps the lips soft and pink.

Dead skin is one of the common causes of lip blemishes in winter. That is why it is necessary to rub the lips. For this you can make a scrub with honey and sugar. Honey also retains the softness of the lips.

Do not chew on the lips

Do not bite the dead skin of your lips over and over with your teeth, which can later take the form of a sore. Avoid the practice of licking your tongue repeatedly with dry lips.

Instead, whenever you feel thirsty on the lips, drink water or apply lip balm. Repeated licking the lips on dry lips makes them dry.

Moisturizer Before Lipstick

Lipstick can dry your lips this season, so always apply lip balm or lotion before applying lipstick. By doing this your lipstick will last longer and the moisturizer base applied to it will protect it from drying out.

Do not apply Matte Lipstick

These types of lipsticks often dry out your lips, and make your broken lips stand out. However, if you like matte lipsticks, then apply lip balm to your lips before applying it, then apply it. Apply lip balm even after removing it.

Clean the crust

Like your face, dead skin often accumulates in your lips. To do this, massage them with a natural scrub made of olive oil and sugar.

With the help of a toothbrush designed for young children, thoroughly clean your lips and remove dead skin. Then wipe the lips with the help of a dry cotton cloth or paper towel.

Keep repeating this method for a few days in the winter, the dryness of the lips will go away easily.

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