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6ix9ine Attack Video Went Viral On The Internet At The Soho Palm Club In Dubai

Watch 6ix9ine Attack Video Goes Viral on the Internet at Soho Palm Club in Dubai :– An American rapper named 6ix9ine is making headlines on news channels around the world after he was seen attacking a DJ at Soho Palm Club in Dubai. However, there has been no comment from rapper 6ix9ine, Soho Palm DJ Club or the club itself. Rumor has it that the Soho Palm Club DJ was smoking and not listening to 6ix9ine.

What did 6ix9ine do?

What did 6ix9ine do

6ix9ine has been the subject of controversy for the past few days. The main reason why the rapper is the subject of controversy is because one of 6ix9ine’s videos went viral on social media platforms.

The viral video shows that firstly, 6ix9ine was saying something to a DJ at the Soho Palm Club in Dubai. After the Soho Palm Club DJ denies it, 6ix9ine then starts attacking the DJ at the venue. But bystanders started attacking 6ix9ine back with the intention of protecting the Soho Palm Club DJ.

Some sources claimed that 6ix9ine asked a DJ from the Soho Palm Club to play his rap music, but the club’s DJ directly dined to play the rap. After learning that the DJ had no intention of playing his song, the rapper began beating up the DJ. It wasn’t that everyone was around the DJ, but everyone started bashing 6ix9ine because he beat the Soho Palm Club DJ.

Who is 6ix9ine the rapper?

6ix9ine is the famous name of Daniel Hernandez. He was born on May 8, 1996. His professional name is 6ix9ine and this name is pronounced “six nine” and he is formerly Tekashi69. 6ix9ine is known in the music industry for his aggressive rapping style. He always appeared in public with his rainbow colored hair and tattoos all over his body.


6ix9ine is a kind of rapper and musician who has always been in the headlines for many reasons, just like other rappers and musicians from the United States have been in the news for different reasons, but most rappers come in the news. Recently, 6ix9ine went viral on social media for an event he did while in Dubai.


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