10 Makeup Things Guys Can’t Stand


Every man is aware that makeup is an essential part of (almost) every woman’s daily routine. Makeup is one of the easiest ways to improve your mood and feel good.


It’s also one of the most effective ways to attract men (or make them run away from you). Men don’t perceive makeup the same way women do, and there are some things about it that they find extremely appalling!

DISCLAIMER: I am fully aware of the fact that most women don’t really care what guys think about makeup, but I think it would be fair to hear their opinion as well.

Here are the top things about makeup that guys can’t stand:

1. Men are REALLY afraid of bright lipsticks.

When a man sees a woman wearing bright lipstick, he can’t help but think the following:

“I wonder what my lips will look like when I kiss her.

“I can’t focus on anything but her lipstick.

“Man, my eyes hurt!”

Wearing bright lipstick according to men means overdoing it and ruining the chance to enhance your natural beauty.

2. False eyelashes look scary on them.

While many women think that long, bountiful eyelashes (read: false eyelashes) attract the attention of the most promising suitors and the hottest men, the truth is quite different.

False eyelashes look scary on men. Why? Because they don’t look natural.

A man named Sean expressed his concerns about Cosmopolitan. The reason she doesn’t like false eyelashes is because “they’re just too long and make [women] look like giraffes. Oops, that hurt!

(I’m sure many other men support his opinion, which is something you shouldn’t take for granted.)

3. Guys can’t stand eyebrows that look painted on.

Similar to bright lipsticks, painted eyebrows look artificial and exaggerated. In addition to looking unattractive, men are also worried that your eyebrows will rub off.

In fact, they just can’t understand a woman’s tendency to do anything about her eyebrows, let alone paint them.

4. Nike’s eyebrows are their worst nightmare.

If you ask men, one of the worst popular trends ever is the Nike eyebrow. At first, Nike’s eyebrows didn’t look exactly like the logo, but they did have some similarities. Nowadays, eyebrows are made to look EXACTLY like the Nike logo.

Men: WHY?

5. The contouring trend is just TOO MUCH for them.

Facial contouring has become extremely popular these days, mainly “thanks” to the Kardashians. Do you really want to know what men think about this trend?

Contouring is like painting a picture for them and the biggest problem is that it requires TOO MUCH color (makeup).

According to a study conducted by researchers from Bangor University and Aberdeen University and published in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, guys aren’t fans of so much makeup on a woman’s face.

As Time magazine reported, “Both men and women preferred images of models wearing 40% less makeup than they were originally wearing.”

6. They also don’t like glitter in your eye makeup.

Men: Glitter in eye makeup? Double WHY?

Here it is with men. They just can’t understand a woman’s need to put glitter or other material on her face that has no other purpose than to look silly (to them).

Plus, there’s this saying derived from a 16th-century passage by William Shakespeare: “All that glitters is not gold.

Translation: Not everything that seems rare or true turns out to be so.

Men’s Makeup Translation: Glitter in your eye makeup won’t make you prettier.

7. Just like cats are afraid of water, men are afraid of STICKY lip gloss.

Kissing lips that look sticky is not something men enjoy. In fact, they are so afraid of sticky lip gloss that they will even refuse to make the first move no matter how much they like the girl.

Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but it’s true. Just imagine a cat being afraid of water and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

8. Two words: Cakey foundation.

The Cakey Foundation is happening for three reasons:

• You don’t layer your makeup in the right order.

• Problems with dry skin.

• You are not using the right skin care products.

Needless to say, cake foundation is one of the 10 things guys hate about makeup because it makes you look older and like you don’t take good care of yourself.

9. Men simply do not understand the point of nude lipsticks.

Men: What’s the point of applying something that blends in with your face?

Any man would die to understand why so many women wear nude lipsticks.

One man expressed his concern and annoyance about it to beauty website Byrdie, saying, “I don’t get lipstick that makes my lips the same color as women’s faces.”

I’m sure other men sympathize with him.

10. Dark eye makeup turns them off.

Many women enjoy the allure of smoky eyes, but are you ready to hear what men think about it?

Well, Bustle reported that “66 percent don’t find a date more attractive if she’s wearing dark makeup.” Apparently, guys think dark eye makeup is a little too much on a woman’s face and a turn-off. Follow: https://mymorningtea.in/


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